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The David Brown Speedback GT is the culmination of a lifelong dream and the realisation that, in order to achieve classic status, one must draw from the past and then embrace the future.

david brown speedback gt 16 01

2016 David Brown Speedback GT.

Combining classic design with state-of-art engineering and handcraftsmanship, the Speedback GT is a coachbuilt contemporary GT with the heart and soul of a classic.

Beneath its smooth sixties lines, the Speedback GT has the performance, technology and comfort features to transport its passengers to their destination in both style and comfort.

Hidden features and surprises, such as the retractable picnic bench or the pillarless roofline, ensure the Speedback GT is equally at home in Casino Square as it is at a polo match.

A generous luggage compartment and spacious cabin make the Speedback GT one of the most unique and versatile luxury GT’s in the world today. Whatever the occasion, you will be transported to your destination with a style and panache reminiscent of early Grand Tourers.

“Our challenge was to create a contemporary GT with the heart and soul of a classic” – Alan Mobberley, Designer

The Speedback GT set out to bring back elegance to the road. Sleek lines encompass purposefully sculptured design features that draw their inspiration from, and pay homage to, the seductive and simplistic style of Sixties supercars. Every exterior detail has been painstakingly crafted to ignite the soul and stimulate the senses whilst the interior encapsulates the spirit of the Sixties, yet offers all of the modern technology and conveniences of a state-of-the-art supercar.

Sculpted by hand, and perfected by eye, our skilled modellers brought both the exterior and interior vision to life using a full-scale clay model. With the shape perfected, the model was scanned to generate accurate computer renditions. The 3D data is then used to fine-tune the aerodynamics, engineer the structure and provide the complex and precise patterns for the body work.

Peeling away Speedback GT’s perfectly formed surface exposes its inner beauty. Engineered from the ground up with a structurally-advanced pillarless monocoque, Speedback GT provides unparalleled levels of rigidity and strength, all beautifully engineered to provide the highest levels of performance, safety and usability.

Setting the standards for future models, the car has been developed in line with David Brown Automotive’s ethos of absolute product integrity. Every single one of Speedback GT’s bespoke parts have been fully engineered, machined, tested and refined to exacting standards, whether they are visible or not.

State-of-the-art, computer-controlled milling machines enable us to create traditional forming bucks that are precisely engineered. These bucks provide a physical guide for our master craftsmen to skilfully shape the car’s outer surface using traditional handbeating and handrolling techniques on an English wheel, requiring no less than 2,500 man hours per vehicle.

These large sweeping body panels are made from lightweight aluminium sheets and are seamlessly blended together before being attached to hard engineering points located on the car’s internal aluminium substructure.

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, each Speedback GT is continuously measured to ensure close-tolerance and a perfect fit. Speedback GT’s perfect shut lines demonstrate how David Brown Automotive perfectly blends traditional craftsmanship with precision engineering.

Perfect Finish.
Speedback GT’s body is meticulously scrutinised by accomplished paint and bodywork technicians. Only when they are satisfied that the bodywork is faultless and entirely smooth can the painting process begin. We slowly build up the levels of hand-applied primer, paint and lacquer, and continually measure the depth of the paint to ensure the application is even and consistent. The surface is then painstakingly polished until its deep rich paint has a mirror-like surface. Over 120 man hours go into achieving Speedback GT’s perfect finish.

Push Speedback GT’s ignition button and its beating heart bursts to life, first with a raspy growl, then settling down into the low rhythmic rumble, characteristic of its super-charged V8 configuration. The refined five-litre unit provides the perfect balance between horsepower and torque. As a continental cruiser, Speedback GT’s powertrain is discretionary, empowering its driver to effortlessly dispatches the miles, whilst its responsive nature provides ample power when pressing on with conviction.

Opening Speedback GT’s split tailgate reveals a spacious, uninterrupted flat floor loadspace enabling a surprising volume of luggage to be discreetly stowed for long journeys across continents.

Beneath all this ample luggage space lies further hidden genius. The simple pull of a lever reveals Speedback GT’s innovative and unique picnic seat, ready for you to enjoy the view from a different angle.

Tailor-made for an individual lifestyle.
Every Speedback GT is tailored to the individual. Whether it be a 2 seat or 2+2 configuration, extra luggage room or an entirely bespoke feature, our design team work together with Speedback GT customers to create a vision and configuration that is entirely bespoke.

A sea of tranquillity and refinement. Our master craftsmen and women work with Britain’s finest materials to create a magical interior. Speedback GT immerses its passengers in a cocoon of natural grain leather, high-grade veneer and beautifully engineered instrumentation. The result is a cabin that sets a new benchmark in interior design.

Travel in both comfort and style. Beneath Speedback GT’s elegant Sixties’ curves lies all the technology for every journey to be made in both style and comfort. Speedback GT’s passengers enjoy a fully integrated infotainment system, state-of-the-art sound system and six-way memory function seats.

Hand-selected for perfection. Only the finest blemish-free hides are hand-picked to trim Speedback GT’s interior. Our British-sourced semi-aniline hides are put through a natural tanning process, before being drum dyed for suppleness and colour consistency. The full grain leather is then skilfully manipulated into shape by some of the country’s most experienced saddle makers and automotive upholsterers to create an interior space that looks, feels and smells exceptional.

Quality Ingrained.
Uniquely rooted in British heritage. Crafted by British artisans from responsibly-sourced woodlands, each Speedback GT is trimmed from a single batch of wood veneer to ensure a consistent, yet individual, interior is achieved. The veneers are pressed into shape using a traditional vacuum press, then whitewood sanded and coated with five layers of protective lacquer. Each wood insert is hand sanded before being polished and waxed. Finally, several layers of scratch resistant top coat are applied. Speedback GT owners can select any wood finish that they desire, safe in the knowledge that our veneering process will enrich the wood and complete their Speedback GT’s beautifully appointed cabin.

(source: David Brown)

david brown speedback gt 16 02

2016 David Brown Speedback GT.

david brown speedback gt 16 03

2016 David Brown Speedback GT.

david brown speedback gt 16 04

2016 David Brown Speedback GT.

david brown speedback gt 16 06

2016 David Brown Speedback GT.

david brown speedback gt 16 05

2016 David Brown Speedback GT.

david brown speedback gt emblem 16 01

2016 David Brown Speedback GT emblem.

david brown speedback gt emblem2 16

2016 David Brown Speedback GT emblem.

david brown speedback gt in1 16

2016 David Brown Speedback GT interior.

david brown speedback gt in2 16

2016 David Brown Speedback GT interior.

david brown speedback gt in3 16

2016 David Brown Speedback GT interior.

david brown emblem 1

David Brown emblem.

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