U.S Electricar Corporation

Althol, Massachusetts. USA.
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The U.S Electricar Corporation produced the 2,300 pound Letric Leopard and positioned it as "The first automobile specifically designed as a truly economical, dependable urban car".

us electric lectric leaport icon

U.S Eelectricar "Lectric Leopard" logo.

The Lectric Leopard four passenger electric sedans are enginerred for practical, low cost urban and short run driving. Operating solely on battery power they produce no air pollution and require only a fraction of the maintenance of conventional autos. All models have completely independent four wheel torsion bar suspension systems with disc and drum brakes, four speed transmission, bucket seats, fully instrumented dash, four way safety warning flashers, lefty lights, windshield washers, vinyl upholstery, lap and shoulder harnesses and innumerable other creature-comforts.

Electric power eliminates two prime sources of pollution on the highway: engine noise and exhaust emission. Electric automobiles are the only practical answer to this threat to our ecology.

Imagine an automobile without mufflers and exhaust system, radiator and cooling systems, spark plugs, carburetor and fuel tank and you quickly get the picture of a simple easy to maintain vehicle. That's what the Lectric Leopard is all about. With only one moving part in the power plant and a once-a-year check of the motor brushes the only important electrical concern, you have the essence of carefree economical driving.

(source: U.S Eelectricar Corporation)

us electricar logo

U.S Eelectricar Corporation logo.

us electric lectric leaport type

U.S Eelectricar "Lectric Leopard" logotype.

us electricar lectric leopard 80 a

1980 Lectric Leopard by U. S. Electricar. (source: AutoHistorian )

us electricar lectric leopard 953 80

1980 Lectric Leopard 953 by U. S. Electricar. (source: AutoHistorian )

us electricar lectric leopard 960 80

1980 Lectric Leopard 960 by U. S. Electricar. (source: AutoHistorian )

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