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Grand Rapids, Michigan. USA.
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Even though the Harrison Wagon Company started making automobiles in 1904, until 1906, it had initially made sleighs and Fram vehicles as far back as 1852.

harrison wagon logo

Harrison Wagon type.

Text from a 1905 ad.

A sensation will be created at the Chicago Automobile Show, February 3rd to the 10th, when the Harrison Automobile makes its appearance, because we have designed, perfected (and patented in this country and in foreign countries) a self-starting device that is positive in its operation.

One of the things about a motor car that we all dislike is "cranking". We all dislike to work more than is necessary, and "cranking" is work. Whether you do it or your Chauffeur does it, it is work, just the same. It is vexatious and it is undignified.

Sometimes an engine starts readily—one jerk of the crank is sufficient. Next time it may take more work. You may have to "crank" three or four times. And then again, we have all heard of cases where it has taken more work even than that.

The Harrison has a self-starting device. One does not have to crank a Harrison motor car. A little knob is turned and the switch thrown on, and the engine starts. All this is done ivhilc sitting in the seat. Don't have to get out.

And, it is positive—It starts. It starts every time. It starts on a cold morning as well as on a warm day. A Harrison car can stand idle for an hour, or a day, or a week, a month, a year, and you will not have to crank it.

We do not depend on compression to start with. Our compression is as near perfect as modern tools can make it. The efficiency of a motor is largely due to compression. But, as Kipling says, "That is another story." We have it, of course, but we don't need it to start the motor with. Nor do we use springs and such contrivances. We have our letters patent for this device. It has them all beat. See a Harrison car and you will say so. Think of the convenience! Think of the trouble it saves!

Complete details of our 1906 model will be sent on request. Look for the Harrison when you visit the Chicago Show.

The car weighed 1,900 pounds and sold for $2,200.

harrison wagon ad 05 1

1905 Harrison Wagon Company ad.

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