Puteaux, France.
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Georges Mochet, who inherited the business from his father Charles Mochet, began to produce cycle-cars in Puteaux, Farnce in approximately 1946 and by 1952 had progressed to more modern looking two seater micro-cars and powered two-wheelers. In 1958, with approximately 3,000 vehicles manufactured, production ended.

cm mochet 125 emblem 1

CM Mochet 125 emblem. (©Photo by Segura)

Mochet produced children's’ pedal cars after the First World War and between 1924 and 1934, the "Vélocar" lightweight, pedal-powered, cycle-car. In 1934, the firm's revolutionary "Vélo-Vélocar" recumbent bicycles, ridden to record-breaking speeds by Francis Faure, were banned from cycling competitions by the Union Cycliste Internationale.

In October 1953, at the Paris Motor Show, Mochet exhibited a modern looking small cabriolet bodied car closer in size to a (small) normal car called the Mochet 750, but it never progressed beyond the prototype stage.

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cm mochet 125 plaque

CM Mochet 125 plaque. (©Photo by Segura)

cm mochet 125 velocar emblem

CM Mochet 125 velar emblem. (©Photo by Segura)

cm mochet 125 51 2

CM Mochet 125. (©Photo by Segura)

cm mochet 125 51 1

CM Mochet 125. (©Photo by Segura)

cm mochet 125 in

CM Mochet 125 interior. (©Photo by Segura)

mochet velocar ad 20

1920 Mochet Velocar ad.

cm mochet 125 ad 51.jpeg

1951 CM Mochet 125 ad. (source: Mochet)

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