Yes Roadster Turbo : 2005

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n/a 3.2 litre, v6 255.0 n/a
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The new Yes! roadster 3.2 is the perfect conceptual advancement of the Yes! and sticks to its own principles: pure driving pleasure.

yes roadster fs2

A powerful 3.2-liter v6-engine with 255 hp produces an uncompromising driving machine, one that is powerful, vibrant in its performance and super-charged with passion. the result is an heir honouring its legacy yet adopting trendsetting shapes and technology. Simply a revolutionary evolution!

Compared to its predecessor, the new yes! has grown significantly. Larger engines and a longer wheelbase have resulted in more over-hang at the front as well as the rear leading to a more stretched and full of suspense appearance of the roadster. the wedge-shaped ascending side line and the racy accentuated wings in the front and rear do remain the striking attributes.

For the Yes! Roadster 3.2 Turbo, the concept was taken one step further: an especially developed rear wing spoiler assures the necessary down force, to bring 355 hp safely onto the street.

The Yes Roadster 3.2 Turbo is a driving machine that relocates limits. The person driving it has to be capable of accelerating 930 kg in 3.9 seconds to 100 km/h. Manoeuvring it is a balancing act between dominating and being dominated. the power is transferred unaltered onto the streets. This is what requires the turbo's driver utter concentration. Rewarded with a unique and sensational sense of driving. an experience you will never forget.

The interior is the human-machine interface. This is where the driver takes the command, feels the direct contact to the street, navigates and controls the instruments.

The high-strength aluminium-space-frame takes care of the passive safety. Also, driver and passenger are protected by optional airbags if necessary. High-quality materials combined with chrome and leather applications turn the interior into a sporty unity. Optional equipment and accessories, for example the modern multimedia navigation system and the three-way sound system, offer wide space for individualisation.

The factory of Funke & Will AG is not a factory where an anonymous mass production of vehicles takes place with each vehicle appearing alike. The products are individually manufactured and unique masterpieces with their own character, produced with highest accuracy, precision and the pursuit of perfection.

The birthplace of the Yes! is a historical aircraft hangar near dresden. Most parts of the Yes! for example, the aluminium space frame or the double wishbone suspensions are manufactured and finished. All parts are put together by a team of 6 mechanics in handcraft later on. Therefore each Yes! that leaves the manufactory has his own story, and each of its proud mechanics becomes a part of it also by documenting this with his signature on a special plate in every vehicle crafted by him.

(source: Yes).

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Yes Roadster Turbo brochure cover.

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