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Suzuki X90 : 1998

Filed under:  Ugly
Comment(s): 17
MSRP Engine HP Manufactured
n/a 1.6-liter 4 95.0 1996 - 1998
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Basically, the strange-looking X-90 feels like a tall, crude sports car from the 1960s, one that could use a semester or two of finishing school to gain some refinement. At highway speeds, occupants in the X-90 are bombarded by excessive engine noise, road rumble, and wind howl. The engine itself produces a loud, coarse growl when accelerating. Wind noise grows intrusive around the removable roof panels at speeds beyond 35 mph.

suzuki x90 frontside

1998 Suzuki X90.

You can expect a lively ride, but not in the fun-filled sense. There's a lot of bouncing and pitching on the highway, coupled with stiff, jarring reactions to bumpy pavement. Because it's tall and lightweight, too, the X-90 is easily buffeted by crosswinds. Not really an SUV, the X-90 is not meant for even gentle off-road driving, despite 4WD availability.

Acceleration and passing power are adequate with manual shift, though you'll often have to floor the gas pedal to achieve decent results. And when you do, that action generates considerable noise and vibration. The pace slows considerably in an X-90 with automatic, but noise levels are just as unpleasant. We averaged 23.5 mpg in a 4WD model with 5-speed.

Head and leg room are adequate for 6-footers. Unlike many 4WD vehicles, entry/exit is easy, with almost no step-up into the interior. Visibility to the front and sides is good, but wide rear pillars create large obstructions over both shoulders.

Climate controls are simple and well-marked. Stereo controls are tiny, and nearly impossible to use in the dark. Storage space behind the seats is minimal, and doors are devoid of map pockets. The trunk is narrow and not particularly deep, and the spare tire eats up some of the potential luggage space.

Year-to-Year Changes.
1997 Suzuki X-90: Little change was evident for Suzuki's 2-seat SUV in its second season, but the 4-speed automatic transmission now was optional in the 2WD X-90 as well as the 4x4.

1998 Suzuki X-90: Suzuki's open 2-passenger SUV had failed to catch hold in the sales race, so it was destined to disappear after three seasons. No change was evident in its final outing.

suzuki x90 rear

1998 Suzuki X90.

suzuki x90 top

1998 Suzuki X90.

suzuki x90 rearside

1998 Suzuki X90.

suzuki 2
Carlos's comments

I began to write about how UGLY this thing is and my eyes started to tear up, so I stopped. OMG! A scooter has more dignity. Thank God they only made it from 1996 to 1998 (three years too long if you ask me).

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robyn 3521 days ago

good, more for me, I had two

Tania3460 days ago

I had one for seven gorgeous years, the next one I have just acquired. WHY? The first one was silver, I always wanted red. The newer one is red. No other reason. Fantastic car, eye-catching, zippy, head turning. Who cares about the 4X4? I used it a couple of times, very useful, to get out of a muddy show-ground field, and once when I was parked on a very soft muddy verge. Both times, no prob. Not interested in off-roading, interestd in having a relatively unique car -- months can pass between sightings. People ask what it is, it still looks as up to date as anything else. The boot holds as much as I need for normal shopping, and it isn't ugly, it's just different. Not for those who wish to conform and be like everyone else. This is an individual car, a statement. And in these 8 years of owning one (well, two now) I've never had one breakdown. Highly recommended -- if you can find one that someone hasn't off-roaded to death.

mirli3344 days ago

Yes i love my red mirli X90 zips around the peninsula no problem plenty of room for who I care to take with me ,ok a bit noisy but then who cares I like the different Ugly look a very zippy little car also fine in4wd

Piddi3194 days ago

The suzuki x90 has a straight-4, not a v-4

David2922 days ago

Yep, they are great. They are noisy, you do feel all the bumps, but they are a solid and robust car - nothing ever goes wrong with the thing. I love the spirit and individuality of it. I don't think it is ugly all, in fact I think it is quite pretty..

carl 2898 days ago

Looking for a X90 Preferrably standard shift with 4X4

Kanzuk Ivanovski2886 days ago

I wish Suzuki makes it again.

This an was official comment of Mr.Kanzuk Ivanovski

David 2829 days ago

X90 is a kool kar. I love mine. It looks like what a child produces when they draw a car. If you like Holden Commodores then you will not like this car - but then I never want a Holden Commodore. The X90 is noisy and bumpy - but they can go. Surprising acceleration from 0 -70kph if pushed - I can beat most cars across the intersection from a standing start (hey I am a Melbourne driver!) Individual and non conformist and never breaks down. A great looking and robust car.

LOU2802 days ago

I m 50 years old and had a sidekic 4X4 amd loved it ...whould buy an other one any time....but at this time a X90 was offert to me and with all your comments I`am not sure ...anybody to convince me to get one .????? nice looking 1998 X 90 black leather seat body in good shape 4x4 2500 km so tell me !!!!!

CrustyBiker2698 days ago

I love X-90's It's not a status symbol like big off-roaders, it's not trying to be some flash sports car, it's a modest car that doesn't take itself too seriously, it's a fun car, and yes the ride and noise level is a bit raucous, but that adds to the experience, it stands tall and drives like a big jeep I imagine, the cabin is cosy but spacious, it feels to me a bit like a JCB cab or a Hot-Rod or even a Classic Chevy Pickup even though I've never been in any one of these to compare, I just know it dont feel like a boring car....
The only part I find ugly is the fat rear bumper, but I think the rest is cool, and mine even more so, coz I bagged one with Twin spot Headlamps, 8" Bodykit and AC Cobra Style side exhuasts... check out my YT account for a walkaround if you wanna know what it looks like...

Cindy2689 days ago

We have a 1996 Suzuki x-90. We've owned for about 3 months. We love that little car!!! We a re feverishly in the market to buy another one. My husband drives it to work and I'm stuck driving the big diesel, gas guzzler. Please if anyone knows of one for sale or has one themselves please e-mail me, we live in Newkirk, Oklahoma right on the Ks and Okla border. Thank You

Lauri2683 days ago

The original article was obviously written by someone who has never owned an X-90. I've waited 15 years to buy one and finally got mine just 3 weeks ago. Had to drive 470 miles to get it and happily drove 670 miles home in it (had to show it to a few people on the way). I love it. It came out way before its time, highly appreciated by those who own one now!

Don Watson2515 days ago

We have a 1998 X90 in Oregon Green 4x4 105,00 miles and running like a charm for sale.The reason its for sale is we have 2 more X90's and are out of space.
Love these cars!

Rob2295 days ago

Fabulous little car
I still have a red 1996.
I am selling it however
Anybody interested?

Tom Brown2220 days ago

I am an X-90 fanatic. I own a '96 in the Arctic Ice color, and successfully installed a 2001 Chevrolet 4.3L Vortec engine mildly modified to 300 HP, and a 200-4R tranny from a Buick Turbo-GN. The car does zero-60 in 3 seconds. I actually want to get 6 more of these cars (different themes & colors, but will leave several completely stock. Three that I am actively looking for right now is a '98 in either Oregon Green or Miami Blue, and one of the Red Bull Editions, and one of the Phillipe Cousteaux Editions. . . got one you want to sell?

Joe Eversole2057 days ago

I love these little cars. I bought a silver 1997 4X4 one for my son's high school graduation gift (2012). We spent four fun filled months fixing it up so it would be ready to go when he got his license and the 3 days before he got his drivers license some creep stole it right out of our driveway! (Lakeland, Florida) We are heart far no word. If anyone has one for sale PLEASE drop me a line.

PLEASE Share this URL link on your facebook, myspace, or twitter. Thank You!

Garth Walpole1534 days ago

I first saw the X in 1996 but at 426,000 there was no way I could afford one, bought a red one 2003 for $10,000 odd at 60,000k - reluctantly sold in 2008 - in 2012 I bought another a red 96 for $4900 and it had 160,000k - I am on the lookout for another under 100,000k I love the X and as it approaches 20yrs old will only get rarer- Jeremy Clarkson suck my hot X-90 pipe...

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