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Car Chat with Carlos Segura

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CarChat with Carlos Segura, founder of about his and car, his obsession with silver cars, which car he regrets selling and whether or not to modify a car with aftermarket parts and third-party rims. He reveals his garage size, if he's ever been on a track and his motorcycle days. He's even forced to pick between an orange car and a purple car, and ends with revealing his wife's level of car enthusiasm.


Question. What was your first car?

Answer. My very first car was a 1960 Chevy Impala, that my dad bought from this old lady, who never drove it, and then I immediately drove it into a palm tree.

Question. What's with your obsession with silver cars?

Answer. Everybody does mention that... I think silver makes a car look modern and hi-tech, and I love how it glistens in the sun.

Question. Do you ever modify your car with aftermarket parts?

Answer. No, I haven't... well, that is not entirely true. I have put a strut brace on my BMW M Coupe and i've tinted the windows, but for the most part, I like to keep my cars stock.

Question. What about third party rims on cars

Answer. You know, that is tone of the most difficult things I have ever experienced, and it is different for every car. For example, I have a third party rim on my Audi S4. I think Audis are more difficult to pick a rim for than any other car, for me... at least a car that I've owned, because the understated elegance of an Audi is very easily effected by an over done rim. So sometimes it looks like... very pimped-out, so you really have to be careful when you pick a rim for an Audi or a BMW.

Question. How big is your garage?

Answer. I have a three car garage at the office... of course not bog enough, and I have a two car garage at home.

Question. What else do you keep in your garage besides cars?

Answer. Well there was a time when I was really into motorcycles, I at one point had eight motorcycles, but three... no maybe five years ago I got into a really bad accident on my Ducati 748 and that just scared the hell out of me, so I cleaned house, I only kept one bike which is a Harley Softail and I'm back into cars.

Question. Have you ever taken one of your cars on the track?

Answer. I've nerver taken a car on the track, although everyone that I meet that sees me with my M Coupe tries to talk me into putting that car on the track. But I don't want to because I want to keep it clean, unaffected by the brutality of putting a car on the track, and I frankly am afraid to ruin it, so I haven't. But I would like to.

Question. What car do you regret selling?

Answer. Well, I miss every car I've ever had, I really do. I love the cars that I've had, and of course when I was growing up, I had alot of muscle cars but recently I had a 1968 Camaro Z28 that was completely restored, Rotisserie restoration, it was absolutely mint, completely brand new, not a spec of dust on it, but it was too much for me to handle, it was too much pressure to keep it clean, so I got rid of it but I really miss it. It was beautiful.

Question. If you had to, would you rather have an orange car or a purple car?

Answer. Oh God... I would have to go with an orange Viper.

Question. Does your wife like cars as much as you do?

Answer. My wife hates cars, hates when I mention cars, doesn't even like my name because it starts with "car".


Carlos Segura, founder of the Chicago-based design firm Segura Inc., came to the United States from Cuba at the age of nine. He began his career in graphic design as a production artist but soon gained more interesting challenges. He moved to Chicago in 1980 and worked for many prestigious ad agencies, including BBDO, Marsteller, Foote Cone & Belding, Young & Rubicam, Ketchum, and DDB Needham. In 1991 he founded Segura Inc. to pursue design more creatively with the goal of blending as much "fine art" into "commercial art" as he could.

Segura Inc was the beginning of a series of commercial ventures that expanded Carlos Segura's creative efforts. In 1994, the T26 Digital Type Foundry was born to explore the typographical side of the business. T26 fonts are now distributed throughout the world.

Segura Inc. and T26 have received numerous awards from organizations around the world, including the Tokyo Type Directors Club, The Society of Typographic Arts, both the New York Art Directors Club and the New York Type Directors Club, and the American Center for Design. Segura's work has been shown in many journals including Graphis, Print magazine, HOW, and publications by PIE Books, North Light Books, Duncan Baird Publishing, F&W Publications, Rockport Publishers, Die Gestalten Verlag Publishing and others. His work has been shown in exhibits from the Denver Art Museum to Tokyo Japan.

In 2001, He again ventured into a new category by starting 5inch, and in 2004, launched Cartype with further expansions of the typographical segment with Biketype Mototype and Trucktype.

In 2004, Segura was named 1 of the 21st Century's 100 best designers. (See pages 512 through 517 of Graphic Design For The 21st Century (100 of the World's Best Graphic Designers) 2003 annual. Taschen Publishers. 4 projects published).

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