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Car Chat Interviews - November

Interviews with people from all walks of life about their opinions, experiences and observations about cars.

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CarChat with Fred Lindstrom
November 27, 2010  •  Views: 79  •  Comments: 0

CarChat with Fred Lindstrom, founder of FROM in Chicago about his first and favorite cars, his preferred car color, his favorite car brand, as well as recalling a close call in a car accident. We also discuss the quality coming out of Germany and the dramatic shift from Korean manufacturers. He ends with a brief overview of his motorcycles as well as his love of bicycles and reveals what his next car might be.

Car Chat with Carlos Segura
November 22, 2010  •  Views: 255  •  Comments: 1

CarChat with Carlos Segura, founder of about his first car, his obsession with silver cars, which car he regrets selling and whether or not to modify a car with aftermarket parts and third-party rims. He reveals his garage size, if he's ever been on a track and his motorcycle days. He's even forced to pick between an orange car and a purple car, and ends with revealing his wife's level of car enthusiasm.

Car Chat with Dustin Krause, Tesla Regional Sales Manager
November 13, 2010  •  Views: 438  •  Comments: 1

CarChat with Dustin Krause, Tesla Regional Sales Manager talks about Tesla's market and challenges, the Roadster 2.5 production cycle and the public's understanding of the its power, the Model S and when we might see one on the streets, recycling, and how well the industry is doing in explaining this new segment. Lastly, he reveals why the company is called Tesla.

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