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Car Chat Interviews - December

Interviews with people from all walks of life about their opinions, experiences and observations about cars.

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CarChat with Jamie Tibbetts
December 22, 2010  •  Views: 60  •  Comments: 2

CarChat with Jamie Tibbetts of Epigroove in Chicago about everything from his views on the automotive bailouts, to his first car, his opinion on supercars, what kind of car style he likes, what country he feels makes the best cars, his three favorite cars, his last dealership experience, and his latest road trip story. It's even got a great set of bloopers at the end.

CarChat with Junu Phillips
December 18, 2010  •  Views: 120  •  Comments: 0

Music journalist Junu Phillips of Bop City Beats in Chicago talks about everything from the kind of car he likes, if he'd buy an American car, what his next car might be and his views on the auto industry bailouts, to the demise of Pontiac, the generational shift of car ownership and whether cars are important.

CarChat with Inger Tanderup
December 4, 2010  •  Views: 188  •  Comments: 2

CarChat with art director Inger Tanderup about everything from her first car, her favorite car, her favorite car brand and her car regrets.

CarChat with Jason Fried
December 1, 2010  •  Views: 377  •  Comments: 0

CarChat with Jason Fried, Co-founder of 37signals in Chicago about his favorite car, his most memorable car experience, along with his thoughts on what makes a car good, the car bailouts, the auto industry green movement and his dealership experiences.

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