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Assorted ads from Cadillac.

cadillac eldorado ad 75

1975 Cadillac El Dorado ad.

cadillac sedan deville 71

1971 Cadillac Sedan DeVille ad.

cadillac fleetwood brougham 70

1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham ad.

cadillac fleetwood eldorado 69

1969 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado ad.

cadillac fleetwood eldorado  brougha 68

1968 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado & Brougham ad.

cadillac 68

1968 Cadillac ad.

cadillac coupe deville 68

1968 Cadillac coupe DeVille ad.

cadillac fleetwood 67

1967 Cadillac Fleetwood ad.

cadillac sedan deville 67

1967 Cadillac Sedan DeVille ad.

cadillac 75 limousine  de ville conv 66

1966 Cadillac 75 Limousine & DeVille convertible ad.

cadillac fleetwood seventy five 75 limo 66

1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five 75 limo ad.

cadillac coupe 66

1966 Cadillac coupe ad.

cadillac coupe  conv 66

1966 Cadillac coupe and convertible ad.

cadillac conv 65

1965 Cadillac convertible ad.

cadillac sedan 64

1964 Cadillac sedan ad.

cadillac sedan 66conv 64

1964 Cadillac convertible and 1966 sedan ad.

cadillac fleetwood 63

1963 Cadillac Fleetwood ad.

cadillac sedan de ville 61

1961 Cadillac Sedan DeVille ad.

cadillac sedan deville 56

1956 Cadillac Sedan DeVille ad.

cadillac sedan 54

1954 Cadillac sedan ad.

cadillac sedan 53

1953 Cadillac sedan ad.

cadillac coupe b 53

1953 Cadillac coupe ad.

cadillac coupe 53

1953 Cadillac coupe ad.

cadillac sedan f 52

1952 Cadillac sedan ad.

cadillac coupe 52

1952 Cadillac coupe ad.

cadillac sedan b 52

1952 Cadillac sedan ad.

cadillac sedan c 52

1952 Cadillac sedan ad.

cadillac sedan d 52

1952 Cadillac sedan ad.

cadillac sedan 52

1952 Cadillac sedan ad.

cadillac sedan 49

1949 Cadillac sedan ad.

cadillac 45

1945 Cadillac ad.

cadillac lasalle la salle 38

1938 Cadillac LaSalle ad.

cadillac fleetwood 75 formal sedan 37

1937 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 formal sedan ad.

cadillac fleetwood 85 town cabriolet 37

1937 Cadillac Fleetwood 85 Town cabriolet ad.

cadillac  la salle 34

1934 Cadillac and LaSalle ad.

cadillac v 8 2 passenger coupe 32

1932 Cadillac V-8 2-passenger coupe ad.

cadillac v 16 30

1930 Cadillac V-16 ad.

cadillac 28

1928 Cadillac ad.

cadillac ad 26

1926 Cadillac Silver Anniversary Salon ad.

cadillac suburban 25

1925 Cadillac Suburban ad.

cadillac owner  chauffeur 24

1924 Cadillac owner & chauffeur ad.

cadillac penalty ad 15

Paige-Detroit announced its new six-cylinder Paige autos in the January 2, 1915, issue of the Saturday Evening Post magazine. In that same issue the Cadillac Motor Car Co. placed the adjacent ad with the title "The Penalty of Leadership".

In September of 1914, after previously standing behind its four-cylinder engine and stating that it had no intention of marketing a six-cylinder car, Cadillac made the stunning announcement of its eight-cylinder, "V-type" engine. After the passage of several months Cadillac, in the person of Theodore McManus, who wrote Cadillac's advertising, presumably felt an explanation was in order.

Ninety years later "The Penalty of Leadership" remains famous. Compared to ads from Paige-Detroit and other auto makers, it is plain, but this was typical of McManus's work for Cadillac during this period. His ads were packed with text and only occasionally even showed a car. This one's provocative title, however, is as stiking today as it must have been then. The ad makes no extravagant product claims but instead warns the potential Cadillac customer that he must be willing to endure the envy of others for being in the forefront. And, yes, we know Cadillac makes motor cars, but nowhere in it is the reader told what exactly Cadillac is selling, other than status.
Whatever impact "The Penalty of Leadership" had on the public, it certainly made an impression on the advertising industry! Nothing quite like it had been seen before.

It defined the Cadillac and made it stand out from other cars. Perhaps the best compliment to Cadillac, the self-proclaimed "Standard of the World", is that it is a style of ad that has been imitated many times since the original was published so long ago.

Four years later Cadillac repeated the ad in a different format in the January 11, 1919, issue of the Saturday Evening Post magazine. (source: Bill Roberts)

cadillac model thirty ad 12

1912 Cadillac Model Thirty ad. (source: GM)

cadillac model t and model s runabout 08

1908 Cadillac Model T and Model S-Runabout ad.

cadillac model h open touring car 07

1907 Cadillac Model H Open Touring Car ad.

cadillac ad 05

1905 Cadillac ad. (source: Chuck's Toyland)

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