(France) 1927 -1939.
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This well-known French marque started in 192l as a small cyclecar, designed by Jules Salomon and Edmond Moyet, and bore a close resemblance to the pre-war Le Zebre. The first model was the 903cc CC, available in a sport version, the CS, and the family C4.

amilcar logotype 1

Amilcar logotype.

The sv engine had splash lubrication, and there was a three-speed gearbox. But the most famous of all was the CGS "Grand Sport" of 1924 with a sv engine of 1074cc and four-wheel brakes; it evolved into the more sporty CGSS "Grand Sport Surbaiss?". These were made under license as Pluto in Germany and Grofri in Austria.

In the mid-1920s, the marque entered proper motor racing, building a batch of supercharged dohc 1100cc six-cylinder cars that used a roller bearing crankshaft in the full racing version, but were also available with plain bearings. Amilcar also built a light touring car, the M-type, with a sv 1200cc engine, launched in 1928, followed by, M2, M3 and M4 versions. They also made a straight-eight in 1928, with an ohc 2-litre engine. This C8 proved unreliable and expensive and disappeared very quickly.

In the late 1930s, Amilcar introduced two new models, the 14cv with a four-cylinder Delahaye engine and the Compound. The latter was made when Amilcar was taken over by Hotchkiss. Very advanced in design, the front-wheel-drive Compound featured a monocoque frame made out of light alloy and independent suspension all round. The engine was an ohv four-cylinder of 1185cc.

Production was not resumed after World War Two.

(text source: Vintage European Automobiles)

amilcar round logo 1.gif

Amilcar logo.

amilcar shield emblem 1.gif

Amilcar shield emblem.

amilcar emblem 1

Amilcar emblem.

amilcar emblem 2.gif

Amilcar emblem.

amilcar triangle emblem.gif

Amilcar triangle emblem.

amilcar shield logo 2

Amilcar shield logo.

amilcar shield emblem 2

Amilcar shield emblem.

amilcar grill

Amilcar front grill emblem.

amilcar 8 ad 30

1930 Amilcar 8 Sedan French ad.

amilcar cabriolet 5cv poster

Amilcar Cabriolet 5cv poster.

amilcar cgs front 27

1927 Amilcar CGS.

amilcar cgs rear 27

1927 Amilcar CGS.

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