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Marmon was an automobile brand name manufactured by the Nordyke & Marmon Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, from 1902 through 1933. The company is notable as having introduced the rear-view mirror as well as pioneering both the V16 engine and the use of aluminum in auto manufacturing.

marmon radiator emblem

Marmon radiator emblem. (source: Apijunior)

Marmon's parent company was founded in 1851 manufacturing flour grinding mill equipment, and branching out into other machinery through the late 19th century. Small limited production of experimental automobiles began in 1902, with an air-cooled V-twin engine. An air-cooled V4 followed the next year, with pioneering V6 and V8 engines tried over the next few years before more conventional straight engine designs were settled upon. Marmons soon gained a reputation as a reliable, speedy upscale car.

The Model 32 of 1909 spawned the Wasp, winner of the first Indianapolis 500 motor race. This car featured the world's first rear-view mirror.

The 1916 Model 34 used an aluminum straight-6 engine, and also used the material in the body and chassis to reduce overall weight to just 3295 lb (1495 kg). A Model 34 was driven coast to coast as a publicity stunt, beating Erwin "Cannonball" Baker's record to much fanfare.

New models were introduced for 1924, replacing the long-lived Model 34, but the company was facing financial trouble. The company introduced a sub-$1,000 straight-8 car in 1929, the Roosevelt, but the stock market crash of 1930 compounded the company's problems.

Howard Marmon had begun working on the world's first V16 engine in 1927, but was unable to complete the production Sixteen model until 1931. By that time, Cadillac had already introduced their V-16, designed by ex-Marmon engineer, Owen Nacker. Peerless, too, was developing a V16 with help from an ex-Marmon engineer, James Bohannon.

The Marmon Sixteen was produced for just three years, with 400 examples made. The engine displaced 491 in? (8.0 L) and produced 200 hp (149 kW). It was an all-aluminum design with steel cylinder liners and a 45? bank angle.

Marmon went out of business in 1933, the worst year of the Great Depression.

(text source: Wikipedia)

marmon motor row 2

Marmon showroom on South Michigan Avenue in Chicago. (source: Segura)

marmon motor row 1

Marmon showroom on South Michigan Avenue in Chicago. (source: Segura)


Marmon's original Wabash location - prior to Michigan Avenue.
Marmon’s Chicago Station Shows Initiative in Arrangement, as documented in 1917.

Forty thousand square feet under roof and an adequate yard for minor adjustments are found in the new service station just opened by the Marmon Chicago Company. Here service is rendered to over 1100 Marmon owners in the territory with­in a radius of 100 miles from Chicago. The new Marmon station is laid out to give service.

marmon wabash front

Marmon's Wabash location - front entrance.

Entrance to the building, which is a three-story structure, is effected from Wa­bash Avenue. The practice of having a service station entrance from a main street is not common along the row. Most often entrance is made through the alley. On entering the building, the first office on the right is that of the service manager who, by the way, has been in charge of Marmon service for ten years. Next to the service manager's office is an accessory showroom and waiting room combined. The practice of combining these two is becoming rather common along the row nowadays, for customers, while waiting, are attracted by the display of parts and fit­ments. Only accessories for Marmon cars are rendered.

marmon wabash rear

Marmon's Wabash location - rear.

All the Comforts of Home.
On the left of the entrance are the accounting offices and adjoining is the office­ where service orders are taken. Imme­diately beyond is a chauffeur's room, where the owner's driver may wait while minor repairs and adjustments are made. Here are the latest trade and popular magazines. When the car owner, or hie chauffeur, drives into the main entrance, he is waited upon by one of several men who question him as to his requirements. The car then is turned over to the service men and an estimate is given of repair cost.
Such repairs and adjustments as can be made quickly are done either in the rear on the main floor or in the yard beyond the building. The repairs which require more time are taken to the third floor, in the rear of which is an adequate machine shop and along the sides benches, well lighted. there being an electric light at frequent intervals along and directly over the bench, besides ceiling lights.

marmon wabash in1

Marmon's Wabash location - interior.

marmon wabash in2

Marmon's Wabash location - interior.

For each car brought onto the floor there is a box into which all parts taken from a car are placed and put under lock and key. Thus the owner is assured of having the same parts put back into his car that were taken from it. Prac­tically every man who works in the service building was at one time in the Marmon shops and knows the Marmon thoroughly.

On the second floor is the stock room, in which a complete supply of parts is carried. These run into a value of $50,000 and the Marmon Chicago Company prides itself in being able to make replacements without delay in all cases.

marmon wabash stock room

Marmon's Wabash location - stock room.

There also is room on the second floor to store cars taken from the shop on the third if occasion requires. No paint jobs are handled, but there is a battery room where storage battery service is given.

marmon wabash repair shop

Marmon's Wabash location - repair shop.

The building is kept scrupulously clean and there are signs everywhere asking that employees aid in keeping the floors free from dirt and grease for good service.

marmon wabash accessory room

Marmon's Wabash location - accessory room.

**Note the detailed descriptions of dealer processes here, which were not as common as we know it today.

marmon logo 3.gif

Marmon logo.

marmon wheel center

1932, nickel plate on stamped metal, ornate emblem for use in wheel centers.

marmon logo 2

Marmon logo.

marmon logo 4.gif

Marmon logo.

marmon logo 1

Marmon logo.

marmon firing

"Marmon Sixteen" firing order plate, shows all 16 cylinders and notes on valve clearances.

marmon 34 suburban 22.jpeg

1922 Marmon 34 Suburban. (source: National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library)

marmon v16 32

1932 Marmon V16, USA.

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