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The four founders are Ercole Spada, Paolo Spada, Domiziano Boschi and Wojtek Sokolowski.

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Spada logo.

The cars and products are designed by a team led by Ercole Spada.

Spadaconcept's mission is to help its clients to soundly conceive and develop successful products and to support them to enter new market segments.

Applying aesthetics to a product substance, using design as a means to fully realize one product's functionality and to position it precisely in its most appropriate market niche. Putting product functionality at the core of the problem (of a product, small or big, we must always ask ourselves the following question: of what use is it?) allows to conceive and design a product having in mind a broader and strategic perspective of that product's role along its whole lifecycle.

They combine marketing, product positioning and strategy to design, which is today, the true driver of success and profit. Their designers must have a complete picture of the product mission and lifecycle before drawing a single line of a design. This is the only possible approach, if you aspire to ultimately turn a product into something really significant (hopefully into a lifestyle!). And it is yet not enough: you must also be very humble and truly valuable. As one of our Team often says, in the long run, the true value will emerge and prove to be rustless, invincible, leaving a beneficial and significant sign.

Spadaconcept contributes to give the Italian tradition (which characterizes their essence) a chance to express itself. they do this by giving voice to the variety and complementarity of their backgrounds, blending different and complementary skills and know how and combining tradition i.e. Ercole Spada, with the future, i.e. new generation of designers. With a lean and flat organization, their Studio aspires to be a sort of heir of the renaissance workshop, a place where men used to try, experiment and discuss: Spadaconcept wants to work with more focus on the whole work rather than on single portions and single activities. Being a small Studio they can afford to work this way, which would be extremely costly, ineffective and economically risky for firms with larger structures.

(source: Spadaconcept)

spada logo

spadaconcept logo

Spada Concept logotype.

Spada TS Codatronca : 2012   
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