Founded by Klaus Dieter Frers.
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Artega is a new automotive brand.

The Idea
Paragon AG is a successful direct supplier to almost every major car maker. Based in Delbruck in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia, Paragon develops and produces cutting-edge electronics technology such as control and display components, climate control and car media systems. Now paragon CEO Klaus Dieter Frers (54) is looking to broaden the company's profile beyond that of a supplier to become a development partner in the motor industry. This change of role will require paragon to showcase its extensive systems expertise. Frers' idea: to create a new car.

artega shield 1

Artega shield logo.

The incentive.
In order to demonstrate genuine expertise,the new model will need to be built in series. Frers' concept: a high-performance sports car, rear-wheel drive, lightweight and powerful, that is both visually dramatic and practical, and contains innovative instruments and control systems supplied by paragon.

Back in 2003 he presented the idea to legendary car designer Albrecht Graf Goertz, the creator of the BMW 507. As coincidence would have it, the firstcar Goertz designed was called the "Paragon". His advice to Frers ran along the lines of: "There are things in life that have to be done". For Frers, this car is one of them.

The expertise.
Frers is whatyou might call a "car guy". His father was a plantmanager at NSU,while Frers himself is a qualified engineer, keen racing driver and car collector. His new car will have to meet the highest standards. Frers knows what paragon can deliver, of course, and for those areas beyond its reach he has cast the net further afield.

At the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, for example, he struck an agreement with renowned designer Henrik Fisker, and the wind tunnel at the University of Stuttgart has been used for aerodynamics work. The engine and transmission for the new car, meanwhile, were sourced from the Volkswagen Group. The resultis a harmonious whole of exceptional quality.

The aspiration.
The aim is to help shape the future of the automobile. This new projectis not about bringing an old brand back to life, but creating a new one. Artega embodies the commitment of its founders to producing something totally new, free from the shackles of the past.

A spin-off of paragon, Artega is no small-scale workshop outfit but a maker of high-performance sports cars using industrial processes. Initially, annual production capacity at the specially constructed factory in Delbruck has been set at 500 units, while a brand centre will also be built on the site.

The Artega GT will be the first car produced as part of a long-term model strategy.

The end product.
The Artega GT is not intended to create competition for existing sports cars. Itwill form a niche of its own, set apart from both small-scale exotica and volume manufacturers. The Artega GT exudes emotional appeal, power and innovation. Despite its unusual proportions, compact, flat and broad, it offers an astonishingly high level of practicality, and the broad use of lightweight construction techniques ensures outstanding performance and impressive efficiency.

The Artega GT combines all this with an innovative paragon interior to create a quite unique new sports car for devotees of automotive innovation.

(source: Artega)

artega logo 1

Artega logo.

Artega GT : 2009   To be introduced during the course of 2009.
Artega   Official site.
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