Plymouth AAR 'Cuda : 1970

Only produced in 1970.
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The AAR 'Cuda was produced during the months of March and April, 1970. Production of the AAR began on March 10 and continued until April 17.

aar cuda hood1

There was however the pilot car that was produced February 3rd. Also, according to a couple of AAR Cuda Registries, there were no AARs known to be produced March 10th, 25th - 27th, or the 30th. Also they reported that there has been at least one AAR with the production date of April 20. So those production dates may not have been followed exactly by the factory. There were only about 2,724 AAR 'Cudas produced in the six week time period. There were 1,120 produced with manual 4-speed transmissions, and the remaining 1,614 had the automatic 3-speed transmissions.

aar cuda logo

The AAR 'Cuda was only produced during the year of 1970. The AAR 'Cuda was produced to race in the SCAA road racing and to compete with the Ford Mustang. AAR actually means "All American Racers". Located at the rear of the car's left and right fenders, at the end of the stripe.

plymouth baracuda decal

"Cuda. Plymouth Makes It" decal.

barracuda shaker decal 671

Barracuda "Shaker" under hood decal.

aar stripe2

The AAR 'Cuda Strobe Stripe. The stripe on the AAR 'Cuda, called a strobe stripe, is a unique feature. The back side of the stripe is where the AAR logo is located. The AAR logo is make up of four white stars surrounded in blue at the top, then the letters AAR below the stars. The whole AAR logo has a white background with a black outline. Then, right next to the AAR logo there is the word CUDA, hence making AAR 'Cuda. Then moving forward the stripe starts with small verticle lines then and you get farther forward they get wider, and wider. Finially, at the front it starts to get shorter, and at the front it doesn't quite come to a point, it rounds out.

cuda emblem

From a 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda, located on the rear "blacked-out" area of the trunk, on the right side.

plymouth 2

Plymouth logo.

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