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First Car Loft

German Architects are about to build the first Car Loft.
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A wet and steamy dream for car enthusiasts.

The acropolis of transportation engineering and home of arguably the greatest four wheel creations in history has taken the next step towards composing the ultimate ode to the automobile: the car loft. German architects Manfred Dick (who sought a patent for his concept) and Johannes Kauka are about to break ground for what promises to be a wet and steamy dream for car enthusiasts and safety minded yuppies alike.


Car loft garden.

No longer are you required to park your Z8 alongside that wannabe with the M3 in the common undergound garage of the central Berlin bulding where your sleak modernist loft is located. Now you drive straight on into the car elevator (that promises to even be able to fit a Bentley), push the button, and off you go into a Jetsonian futurama dream of parking your car outside your penthouse. The architects point out that safety and comfort are two of the major advantages that come with this garage concept.

Unloading the groceries and the twins is now easier than ever (for the nanny), and your family is better protected from kidnapping or carjacking attempts (at home, if you only have one car?), which is why there seems to be a lot of interest from Israel and Russia for this idea.

Ultimately, this is a pretty cool gimmick, hands down. The claims that it is more economically viable in certain inner city situations is probably based on creative accounting for the most part, but economies of scale might push this into a more affordable realm in the near future (i.e. cell phones?). And, if you cannot sleep at night, you can always go and sit in your Bugatti, and dream about flying in it? before you kiss it good night. However, if these Swiss grass powered cars are able to fly too, then the demand for this concept might run into some trouble shortly.

(source: landliving).

living room

Car loft living room.

living room2

Car loft living room.


Car loft bathroom.


Car loft kitchen.

carloft draw2

Car loft 3D rendering.

carloft draw3

Car loft 3D rendering.

carloft draw4

Car loft penthouse 3D rendering.


Car loft floorplan.


Car loft floorplan.

carloft draw

Car loft plan.


Car loft floorplan.


Car loft map.

Car Loft   Official site.
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