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Metaphors in Motion

Chicago, Illinois USA
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For those of us who love cars, especially ours, there is almost nothing left to love more then to see great pictures of your cars. This is where Chris Manfre, founder of Metaphors in Motion in Chicago comes in.

mim logo 1

Metaphors in Motion logo.

While Metaphors in Motion sells wonderful image collections (or sets) of a variety of cars, you can also commission him to take photos of your vehicle. He then goes off and creates a unique collection, in series of six or eight, makes the prints, frames them and delivers them to you, even with his recommendation as to how to best hang them.

The MIM Story.
On a beautiful spring day, in 1958, I was hanging around outside in the yard when I heard a most unusal sound. I could not image what it was. I looked around as a silver space ship pulls into my drive way with dad behind the wheel. My head was spinning. The door opened to reveal a red leather interior not to mention that incredible door itself. I was totally taken and amazed.

He opened the other side and noted the "SL 300 Mercedes Gullwing" name. Beckoning me inside I could feel and smell the difference from the Porsches, MG's, and other assorted sports cars that passed through our driveway. This was something special, I knew instinctively that this car was at another level.

Enclosing ourselves in this capusle off we went with a roar. Heading toward he Florida Turnpike memorized I watched Dad work the gears following the constant dance of the tachometer and the speedometer as we drove. Suddenly the acceleration started as Dad informed me to hold on "let's see what she will do". In a blaze I watched pressed up against my seat as we approached 140 mph. What a dream to go so fast especially in a car.

Fast foward several Alfa Romeros, a Masseratti or two, more Porsches, my own TR 3A, Corvettes, TVR's, more Porches and Cobras, etc. LATER and 20 plus years in the practice of Architecture in it's many facets. I was photographing at the 2002 Brian Redman Classic races at Road America. While roaming the padock I was taken by the variety of form, color, light, and reflection. At home reviewing my shots I realized you tell stories about brands through design using ideas, words, and images to create physical space or an experience. Why not apply this concept to telling a story about an automobile, a boat, or a plane for that matter. Done as a series of images which capture the spirit of the object through details, light, form, function, and the environment. To take the concept further I decide to hang the images in tight grids depending on their numbers to contrast the images and present them more as a collage. Subsequently I started photographing with this in mind.

I love the race track and have been lucky enough to photograph for Hazardous Sports, Speed Quest Racing, and more recently HyperSport Racing.

Please contact me if you would like to have a unique "portrait" or "collection" of your collector vechicle or vechicles personally made for you.

I am also available to be your personal/Team photographer at the race tack, show, or event contact me for further information and rates.

(source: Metaphors in Motion)


The "collections" or "art pieces" are meant to hang in a tight grid. For example a collection/art piece with eight images is meant to hang four over four just as they are pictured above.

The collection shown here is 8 - 16" x 20" lambda prints. The framed images should be spaced with an approximate 1/8" or as close as you can get and make the spaces all equal between frames in both directions when hung.

Chris prefers the SONL 34-21 matte black frames (pictured above) - this is a very thin frame with the image recessed a slight amount. The effect strengths the grid quality and therefore the contrast to the images.


8 - 16" x 20" lambda prints.


Frame details.

Metaphors in Motion   Official site
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