Nissan and Marc Ecko

Nissan and Marc Ecko Drive into the Future Together.
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The Nissan division of Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) and lifestyle fashion visionary Marc Ecko, announced a unique strategic partnership blending the world of fashion and automotive design.

nissan marc ecko

Marc Ecko Nissan Armada sketch.

The announcement was made at the MAGIC men's apparel and accessories trade show in Las Vegas and the partnership will allow each brand to retain their individuality while expanding their audience and reach.

"Both the Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Armada are known for their power, style and energy, which is also characteristic of Marc Ecko's creative artistry and compelling vision," said Jan Thompson, vice president of marketing, NNA. "His design will bring together two great brands that already have an established relationship with street culture, making it a natural and ideal fit."

To celebrate the partnership, Mr. Ecko will modify two of Nissan's most popular SUVs -- the Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Armada -- giving each a hip, new design inspired by his *ecko unltd. and Cut & Sew clothing lines. The two one-of-a-kind vehicles will be displayed at events across the country following a special unveiling in October in New York.

"Side by side, these two vehicles share a design heritage, yet each has its own distinct character," said Mr. Ecko. "My goal is to take that character to the next level and to express the vehicles' individuality through bold, original design and superior execution.

(source: Marc Ecko Enterprises).

nissan marc ecko 2

Marc Ecko Nissan Armada.

nissan marc ecko 5

Marc Ecko Nissan Armada front interior.

nissan marc ecko 4

Marc Ecko Nissan Armada rear interior.

nissan marc ecko 3

Marc Ecko Nissan Armada ICE.

nissan logo 1

Nissan logo.

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