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I often see a car that I have always liked (and wished I had owned) while out and about. Most are recent, some are classics and all are beautiful.

Below are a few of them. I have decided to not include any cars in this list before 1975, otherwise this list would be so long, i would never finsih it.

I will continue to add to this list as often as possible. Enjoy. (And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don't send me an email telling me you disagree... Go start your own list... it's fun.).


audi tt 99

Audi TT. (1999). This was an instant classic when introduced. It changed the auto industry and put Audi on the map. It is on top my my list of cars I'd love to own.

bmw m coupe 01

BMW M Coupe. (2001). I have always loved this car. This is one of those cars that you either love or hate. I am very fortunate to own one of these (only 690 made of this 2001 model with the M3's S54 engine). My 2001 M Coupe feels like it was especially made for me. I could not love this more.

bmw z8 97

BMW Z8. (1997) This was a very bad seller for BMW, but I love the look of this car, among many other things.

ford gt

Ford GT. (2006). On Sept. 21, 2006, a little more than two years after the first production car rolled off the assembly line at the Special Vehicle Center in Wixom, Michigan, workers built the last Ford GT. What a shame.

mazda rx7turbo 88

Mazda RX7. (1988) I've always liked the RX7, even the very first generation, which is the model that got me interested in the car. I was fortunate to own the very first RX7 Turbo back in 1988, and with 200 hp, that was quite a bit back then.

mazda rx7turbo 92

Mazda RX7 Turbo. (1993) The generation that followed (from 1993 to 1995) was even more beautifful and I always wished I had waited for this one. (The one shown here is the RZ model from Japan).

nissan 300zx 90

Nissan 300SX. (1990). With the exceptions of a few details on this car, the design can easily hold it's own with most of todays cars. The Z32 was a complete redesign. It featured a naturally aspirated engine rated at 222 hp, and a top-of-the-line Twin-Turbo version rated at 300 hp. (of course, this yellow color blows).

nissan 350z 04

Nissan 350Z. (2004) While this car is still available, I wanted to add this to the list since every time I see one, I want it.

porsche 911 993 turbo

Porsche 993 911 Turbo. I own a 996/911, but every time I see one of these classic 930/911s, my heart races.

The Porsche 993 Turbo was introduced in 1995 with 408 bhp and was the first to feature four-wheel drive. It had two turbochargers, one for each cylinder bank. Starting in 1996, Litronic gas-discharged headlights became standard on the 993 Turbo. It was also offered as an option on other models). It's unique "teatray" wing over the engine cover makes it one of the most beautiful 911s to date.

Porsche 911 993 Turbo. (©René Staud)

scion tc 04

Scion TC. (2004) This is another car that is stilll on the road today, but it is such a great buy (starts at $16,400), looks great and is alot of fun to drive. It's even practical. (It's a hatch, even though it looks like a coupe). It's on my list of favorite cars of 2006.

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