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Verhard Bungartz was born December 5, 1900 in Cologne. He married Gretel Asbach from Redesheim, a daughter of Mr. Hugo Asbach. Mr. Asbach assumably was the owner of the distillery company Macholl.

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In 1933, Dr. Bungartz had a very good and secure job at the company I.G. Farbenindustrie in Frankfurt a.M.-Griesheim. In the second half of 1933 his father-in-law, Hugo Asbach, approached him and proposed to set up an engineering factory in Munich, in order to utilise the vacant buildings of the Macholl company. Despite his good job he could not resist the tempt to become an independent entrepreneur. He quit from the I.G. Farbenindustrie on April 1, 1934 and started the company Bungartz & Co in Munich, in the buildings where the company would remain seated for many years.

Mr. Asbach's proposal was inspired by the developement of a new, cheap twoseater car. This was designed by Josef Ganz, a German engineer born in Hungarian Budapest. In the early thirties Ganz built several small cars, like the Standard (Gutbrod) "Superior", an Ardie, the Adler "Maikefer", and the Bungartz "Butz". After the nazis took over the German government in 1933, Ganz had to go into exile in Liechtenstein in order to escape from the persecution of jews. There he started a small design office and built another prototype, the "Erfiag" with a Motosacoche (M.A.G.) engine.

In 1945 he built a new car named "Rapid" for the Swiss company of Rapid Motormeher AG in Zurich. Josef Ganz later worked for Holden in Australia and died in 1967.

The Bungartz "Butz" was assumably built for only one year, until Bungartz took over the Siemens patents for construction and manufacture of rotary tillers. It is interesting that the Volskwagen, wanted by Adolf Hitler and constructed around the end of the thirties by Ferdinand Porsche, had many characteristics of the small car that Josef Ganz had been building previously.

Besides cars Bungartz & Co. (Fahrzeugbau und Maschinenfabrik, Abteilung Anhenger) also built the appropriate trailers. These were made under the Butz brand name, with a proper emblem, for which appearantly a stream line trailer stood model. Specialist car designers constructed the chassis after the latest German insights in vehicle construction: chassis with one central tube, undependant spring action and especially a new form of front wheel suspension. All of this provided the trailers with perfect road-holding qualities, unequalled by any other make, they simply could not lurch or skid.

(text source: Wikipedia)

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