A Moving Relationship

by Matteo Ferrari.
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There are so many things I like about this project. The fact that photographer Matteo Ferrari took the time to research these people by leaving notes on their cars and then made the effort to replicate the images as close to the originals is really outstanding.


"Salvetti" - Mr Gianfilippo Salvetti - Alfa Romeo Giulia SS - pictures: 1972-2005.

We who love cars do so on many levels. We get attached to brands, models and a whole variety of other reasons. When you see the lifespan of a car, along with it's owner, this truly brings the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" to life.

The project began as Matteo rode around town (in Italy) on his scooter. "I found these people by leaving notes on old cars I would see parked around town, even by actually stopping people in the street, and also by telling everyone I know about it and asking them to spread the word."

Matteo is a fashion and reportage photographer which keeps him quite busy, so he did all of this in his spare time.

This has garnished him quite a bit of exposure, even winning the 2007 Premio ARTE award (held by a leading italian contemporary art magazine). He held his first personal exhibition last april in Milano (which also included a "Red Cars" project).

Before the end of 2008, he will be travelling to several countries in Latin America, then Spain and Portugal to complete the work. A book will be published with the complete project. He has already sold the rights for it.

We can't wait to see it.

(Special thanks to Matteo Ferrari)


"Tilli" - Mr Vincenzo Tilli - Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Junior - pictures: 1972-2003.


"Gerli" - Mr Mario Gerli - Renault 16 Super - pictures: 1977-2005.


"Saviozzi" - Mr Marcello Saviozzi - 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 1300 - pictures: 1974-2004.


"Rescia" - Mr Aldo Rescia - Autobianchi Primula - pictures: 1966-2001.


"Caponnetto" - Dr Caponnetto - 1969 Cadillac Eldorado - pictures: 1983-2005.


"Aratari" - Mrs & Mr Luigi Aratari - FIAT 600 - (Linate Airport - Milano) - pictures: 1983-2001


"Santambrogio" - Mr Pasquale Santambrogio with daughter Francesca and son Riccardo- Renault 4TL - pictures: 1978-2005.


"Santambrogio" - Francesca Santambrogio - Renault 4TL - pictures: 1978-2005.

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