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Created to represent the shape of the Vehicular V-type internal combustion engine cylinder block structure, the letter V has seen a variety of incarnations from almost every manufacturer.

It has even been extended to uses in displacement emblems, detailed decorations, as well as becoming part of company identities like Cadillac among others), to representing specific cars. For some reason, this shape (or letter) holds a special place with enthusiasts that is shared world wide.

Nicolaus Otto was the first person to successfully build the type of engine that would later become an automobile engine in 1876. In 1885 Karl Benz used an engine similar to Otto's engine to propel a three-wheeled automobile. In the same year, Benz began producing and selling automobiles.

v8 bmw e34 e39 e60 e65 545i alpina dinan f150

BMW V8 emblem.

bmw v8 emblem s

BMW 503 V8 emblem.

cadillac sedan de ville v emblem s 56

V emblem from a 1956 Cadillac Sedan De Ville.

16 v16 emblem cadillac 40

1940 Cadillac V16 emblem.

cadillac v16 emblem 1 40

1940 Cadillac V16 emblem.

cadillac v16 grill emblem 4 40

1940 Cadillac V16 front grill emblem.

cadillac emblem fleetwood 1 40

Cadillac emblem from a 1940 Fleetwood.

chevy project x v427 emblem 06 s

V427 emblem from the 2006 Project-X Chevrolet BelAir.

v ss emblem chevy impala conv s 61

1961 Chevrolet Impala convertible 348 SS V emblem.

chevy corvette 9

Chevrolet Corvette emblem.

chrysler new yorker a 54

1954 Chrysler New Yorker emblem.

ford thunderbird 59 s

1959 Ford Thunderbird emblem.

ford v8 pickup emblem s 22

1922 Ford pickup V8 emblem.

ford v8 truck

Ford V8 truck emblem.

ford coupe 34 s

1934 Ford Coupe V8 emblem.

ford conv 1 s 34

V8 emblem from a 1934 Ford Cabriolet.

ford coupe grill v8 emblem s

V8 Ford 85 coupe front grill emblem.

ford coupe trunk v8 handle emblem s

V8 Ford 85 coupe front trunk handle emblem.


V8 emblem.

v8 emblem ford custom sedan 1 s 51

V8 emblem from a 1951 Ford Custom Sedan.

v8 emblem ford panel truck s 1

V8 emblem from a Ford Paneltruck.

v8 emblem ford explorer xlt 08

V8 emblem from a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT.

gmc v8 emblem

GMC V8 emblem.

6 gmc stepside pickup v6 emblem 66

V6 emblem from a 1966 GMC Stepside pickup.

v8 6litre emblem holden ve

V8 6.0 Litre emblem from a 2006 Holden Holden VE Calais V. (source: GM)

jaguar e type v12

Jaguar E-Type_v12 emblem.

v12 emblem jaguar xke roadter 1 s

V12 emblem from a 1974 Jaguar XKE Roadster.

lincoln zepher v12 emblem touring sedan 1 s 37

Lincoln Zephyr V12 emblem from a 1937 Touring Sedan.

v8 emblem mercury comet 66

V8 emblem from a 1966 Mercury Comet.

v8 emblem mercury comet 64

V8 emblem from a 1964 Mercury Comet.

packard 400 v emblem 55 s

V emblem from a 1955 Packard Four Hundred.

commando v8 emblem plymouth satellite s 2

Commando V8 emblem from a 1965 Plymouth Satellite.

pontiac star chief conv v8 emblem s 55

1955 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible V8 emblem.

pontiac chieftain tri power emblem 1 s

Pontiac Chieftain Tri Power emblem.

pontiac chieftain v grill emblem 1 s

Pontiac Chieftain V front grill emblem.

studebaker v8 54

1954 Studebaker V8 emblem.

vauxhall v10 emblem

1937 Vauxhall V10 emblem.

v8 emblem 1 flickr r gust smith

V8 emblem. (source: R Gust Smith)

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