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11-17-4. For the first time PERIOD, I was considering even looking at an American car with the launch of the new Mustang. I spent the last two days calling Ford dealers in the Chicagoland area, and to no surprise, the experience is laughable.

fordmotorco script

Ford Motor Company logotype script.

First of all, I'm lucky if they even pick up the phone at all, and if they do, it is after 30 to 40 rings, (I wanted to see how long it would take) and then either being transferred to voice mail, or disconnected all together.

Then, I get attitude. Their showrooms have been full of shit products for years, and now they get a little taste of "interest" and they get all tough.

For example, I call Bert Weimann Ford on Western and the guy is simply confrontational. I ask if they have one I can test drive, and he says, yeah, we got 'em, but you can't test drive it.

So I ask. "what do you mean I can't test drive one? You want me to buy a car without trying it?" He says, "you can't test drive one, we don't allow it. You have to be a serious buyer".

I say, "I'm calling you aren't I? how more serious do you want?"

He says, "you have to qualify and we have to check your credit"

WHAT!!??, "are you seriously telling me that you have to do a credit check before I test drive the car?"

He says "no". I ask, "well, how will you know if I have good credit?"

He says, "You know what, I'm not going to fucking argue with you, you can't test drive the car". AND HE HANGS UP.


Then, I call AL PIEMONTE FORD. He tells me "Sure we got 4" tells me the price and finished (as he stumbles to justify it) by saying... "and there is a $5000 value added tax/high demand/low supply/hot vehicle added to the sticker.

Jesus! Too bad. Really.

mustang  price

11-19-4 I went to another dealer to see what I was told was a manual GT only to find that it was an automatic. This dealer had a "market adjustment" of $4000 on a v6 (photo below). Their explanation was that Ford is holding back on the GTs and only making v6 Mustangs. I don't know if this is true or not, but that is the story.

I must say that this dealership had a young man working there that was very knowleable about the car. He was a refreshing addition to the sales staff properly representing the new generation. He had been on the job for three months but other than his young looks, you'd never be able to tell.


This is as close as i got to the car.

dealership 1

11-20-6 Ooohhh, lookie here, somebody went "out of business", geez, i can't image why, with all that great service and killer products and all. "#1 Ford Deal.. Let Us Show You "... PERFECT!

dealership 2

Demolition public notice of Bert Weimann Ford.

Ford   Official site.
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