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Production is limited to 24 units each year.
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MSRP Engine HP Manufactured
n/a 5.3L V-8 Small Block 350.0 n/a
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The process of having an Icon built for you begins with a phone call or email consultation where they review and configure an Icon that is right for your life, based on their buildsheet template.

icon top up

TLC Icon (with top up).

You can download the Build Sheet from their website. Current orders are estimated for completion dates ranging October-December of 2008. Once the build sheet is configured, Icon has a sales contract to sign, and then first 1/3 payment is due to begin work.

The next progress payment due upon completion of the rolling chassis, another once they begin final body assembly, and then balance upon completion, before transport. Or, if you prefer, Icon now offers competitive financing for Icon.

icon windshield up

Icon (with windshield up)

icon windshield down

Icon (with windshield down)

icon chassis motor

Icon chassis with motor.

icon chassis

Icon chassis.

icon emblem 1

Icon emblem.

tlc icon emblem

TLC Icon emblem.


Gasoline engines.
LM4 ENGINE (Standard equipment)
350 H.P, 350 Ft Lbs. Torque
Type: 5.3L V-8 Small Block
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Fuel system: sequential fuel injection
Rev Limit: 6000 rpm
Block: cast aluminum
Cylinder head: cast aluminum
Intake manifold: composite
Connecting rods: forged powder metal
Complete AN Fitted Fuel System
Cad designed motor mounts to isolate vibration.

LS6 ENGINE (optional)
450 H.P, 440 Ft Lbs. Torque
Type: 5.7L V-8 Small Block
Compression ratio: 10.1:1
Fuel system: sequential fuel injection
Rev Limit: 6400 rpm
Block: cast aluminum
Cylinder head: cast aluminum
Intake manifold: composite
Connecting rods: forged powder metal
Performance camshaft
Double roller timing chain with billet gears
A.R.P rod bolts
Chromoly Manley push rods
Heavy Duty Valve Springs
Complete AN Fitted Fuel System
Cad designed motor mounts to isolate vibration.

Diesel engine.
International HS 2.8L VNT
High pressure rotary injected intercooled turbo unit with Bosch electronics and a Garrett variable vane turbo. This engine has been used in many high volume truck applications in some of the harshest environments worldwide by GM, Ford, Land Rover and others.

Configuration in-line 4 cylinder
Displacement: 2.8 liters
Bore: 93mm
Stroke: 102.5mm
Combustion System: Direct injection
Cycle: 4 times per rotation
Injection System: Rotary Injection
Aspiration/Turbo: Variable Nozzle Garrett Turbo
Air Cooling: Custom alloy intercooler
Power Output: 135HP @ 3800RPM
Peak Torque: 276 pounds @ 1400RPM

Cooling system. (gasoline engines)
Purpose-built alloy cross-flow radiator with GM fan & fan clutch.
Handcrafted TIG welded black wrinkle powder coated fan shroud.

Cooling system. (diesel)
Purpose-built alloy cross-flow radiator with fan & fan clutch.
Custom crafted intercooler.
Handcrafted TIG welded black wrinkle powder coated fan shroud.

Exhaust system. (gasoline engines)
OE cast iron high flow manifolds into a custom single exit 2.5” aluminized steel exhaust system with single mildly baffled muffler.
Ceramic coating and stainless steel options available.

Exhaust system. (diesel)
Custom single exit 2.5” aluminized steel exhaust system with single mildly baffled muffler.
Mine-X particulate trap, ceramic coating and stainless steel options available.
Ceramic coating and stainless steel options available.

Intake system. (gasoline engines)
K&N intake fit to a stock GM plenum.

Intake system. (diesel)
K&N intake.

Five Speed Manual (standard equipment)
NV4500 New Process Heavy Duty transmission
Gear ratios:
1st. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 5.61:1
2nd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.04:1
3rd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.67:1
4th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.00:1
5th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75:1
Reverse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.04:1

Four Speed Automatic (optional for gas engines only)
4L65E GM transmission

Quality Improvement with Bonded Spacer Plate Assembly Incorporating Solenoid Screens

New Aluminum Cooler Fittings Replace Steel Fittings

The Hydra-Matic 4L65 are differentiated primarily because of gearset design. This four-speed automatic transmission has five pinion gears for unrivalled strength. This heavy duty (HD) variant of the 4L60 features more robust parts that provide increased strength.

The Hydra-Matic 4L65 is also characterized by rigid structure and low noise design. These transmissions are state of the art for rear-drive and four-wheel-drive cars and trucks because of their adaptive shift electronic controls and GM’s proprietary Electronic Controlled Capacity Clutch (ECCC) technology. The ECCC allows sophisticated variable clutch slip to dampen engine pulses, providing smooth shifting and driveline feel. The transmissions also take directions from vehicle powertrain control modules to avoid hunting between gears when climbing hills.

Finally, as part of a corporate-wide reduction of environmentally hazardous materials, the use of hexavalent chrome as a material coating is eliminated in the 4L65 transmissions.

Clutch system.
Hydraulic system design.
Mcleod precision 12” clutch.
CNC Nascar specification alloy clutch master cylinder.
Mcleod slave cylinder.
Stainless steel flex hose.

Transfer case.
Purpose-built Atlas II transfer case is competition proven and freeway friendly, too.
Low Range: 3.0:1 (5.0:1 option available)
High Range: 1:1

The original Land Cruiser frame is modified, braced and then powder coated black.

Axels and Differentials.
Dynatrac Dana 60 based Pro Rock High Pinion rear axle assembly.
Dynatrac Dana 44 based front axle assembly.
4.09:1 ratio.
Optional ARB front/rear locking differentials with air compressor.
JE Reel drive shafts, high strength steel shaft bodies.
Rear CV joint standard on FJ40 short wheelbase model.

Suspension system.
BAJA SCORE Edition is coil spring system design.
Standard production is a four wheel ecliptic leaf spring system design using Old Man Emu components.
Enhanced wheelbase with extended rear springs.
Polyurethane bushings with greasable pins and anti-inversion shackles.
Custom reversed U-bolt axle hangars for high clearance.

Brake system.
Four wheel, slotted and vented, power assisted disc brakes.
Stainless steel system plumbing (hard and flex lines).

Parking brake.
Isolated to rear brakes by shrouded stainless cable.
Floor actuated with dash warning light.

Fuel system.
Non-vented 19.6-gallon powder-coated black steel fuel tank.
Mounted in the rear of the vehicle, boxed by the frame plus steel skid plate.
Stainless steel system plumbing (hard and braided lines).
Large serviceable fuel filter.
Rail mounted fuel pump (gasoline model).
Engine mounted water separator (diesel model).

Steering system.
PSC 17.5:1 mild ratio for safe high speed off-pavement control.
Nascar style alloy GM type II high efficiency pump with remote reservoir.
Single turn steering shaft with Borgenson joint.
One ton GM steering arms and ends.
Ididit designed custom tilt collapsible steering column.
Hellcat 16” steering wheel.
Aircraft Aero-quip system plumbing.

Electrical system.
Painless Performance wiring harness, ignition and dash switches.
Triple seal connectors, cross-link wire, and in-cabin sealed fuse panel.
Isolated engine harness.
Halogen H-4 85/120W headlights with integrated LED turn and running lights.
Optima battery.
Optional Battery Tender recommended for long storage.

Intrumentation and Dash Controls.
Auto Meter gauges.
In dash A/C, heat, defrost.
Submersible high beam floor switch.
Jewelry grade hand crafted CNC’ed stainless steel knurled, engraved and enameled dash knobs.
Subtle and useful dash hex bolts hide micro-LED lights indicating turn signals, high beam, parking brake.
Center dash mounted stainless hex bolt provides 140 degree LED for dash illumination.
12 volt marine rated power ports in dash and in cargo area.
Multi-adjustable Lear jet supplier sourced CNC’ed aluminum black anodized sun visors with polarized dark tinted shields.
Stainless steel windshield frame latches allow for the windshield to be dropped to the hood for maximum clearance.

Polyurea floor surface coating.
Large gun safe rated locking center console with audio sub-compartment and four large cup holders.
Additional hidden storage in tailgate.
Front seats with floor track and recline control, plus tuck and tumble feature for improved cargo access or rear seat.
Optional rear two passenger tuck and tumble, removable seat.
Seat surfaces finished in top quality OE German marine rated vinyl.
Optional designer Chilewich interior upgrade includes Chilewich seat inserts and floor mats. This woven textile upgrade adds utility in its ability to absorb and transfer heat and is beautiful to the eye and touch.
Optional front seat carbon fiber heat elements (with controls in center console).

Built like a tank. An all-new 5/32” thick 5052 H32 aluminum body captures the original Land Cruiser character but with even greater longevity and resistance to the elements. The body is built by hand, and finished by hand. The hood is new OEM Toyota stamped steel, and the grill is a vintage part.

Body Surface Coatings.
The ICON is finished in a Teflon polyester hybrid super durable Cardinal powder coat originally conceived for exterior industrial architectural uses then developed specifically for the ICON. Each panel is hand finished before assembly, then the underside of the main body and fenders plus inside floor surfaces are coated in a heat cured polyurea coating for reduction of vibration and heat transfer as well as the surface environment. All finished require minimal maintenance with Fantastic / 50% water, never needs waxing and survives many a harsh trail.

The proprietary ICON finish is available in six standard colors (custom color option available);
Rocky Mountain Gray
Mocha Tan
Mayan Sun Orange,
Quartz White
Spruce Green
Slate Blue

New School Build Style -
BF Goodrich A/T or M/T 280/75/R17 tires.
American Racing Teflon coated 17” ATX Mojave wheels.

Old School Build Style -
BF Goodrich A/T or M/T 33x10.5R15 tires.
New vintage Toyota steel 15” rims finished in gray powder with stainless steel hub caps.

Front Bumper.
New School Build Style -
ARB BULL BAR finished in black powder coat.

Old School Build Style -
New vintage Toyota steel channel finished in silver powder coat.

Rear Bumper.
New School Build Style -
Kaymar Class II tow bumper with dual pivoting carriers finished in black powder coat.

Old School Build Style -
New vintage Toyota steel bumperettes finished in silver powder coat.

LENGTH 13’2” (158”)
HEIGHT 6’6” (78”)
WIDTH 5’5” (65”)
WHEELBASE 7’6” (93”)
TRACK WIDTH 4’8.25” (56.25”)
CURB WEIGHT (BASE) 3750 lbs.

The Environment.
We built the icon with the premise that the people who spend the most time in wild places have the greatest interest in preserving them. So the Icon is built with a sense of the environment and recycling responsibly. The Icon emits less harmful emissions in a day full of stop and go driving than the original Land Cruiser did idling in a parking lot. Its modern drive train design provides more than quadruple the Horse Power and double the torque of the original Cruiser while reducing emissions and increasing efficiency thanks to its intelligent gearing, modern fuel injection system, oxygen sensor circuit and sealed fuel system.

We further reduce environmental impact by recycling an older vehicle instead of producing of a new one.
No CFCs or VOCs are emitted in the production of the Icon.

Because each Icon is built by hand, we can assure you that no two will be exactly the same. We are pleased to be able to provide a wide range of options, including but not limited to:

450hp gas engine.
Automatic transmission (gas models only).
276trq turbo diesel (see diesel specification PDF).
Computer controlled mandrel bent stainless steel exhaust system.
Aircraft ceramic exhaust system coating. Protects the system and extends its service life,
while enhancing exhaust tone.
Machine-turned, damasked dash panel set.
Hand tailored soft top and removable upper half doors.
Heated front seats.
Removable rear two passenger seat.
Chilewich floor mats & seating textiles.
Various audio packages (AM/FM/CD/IPOD/GPS/Satellite radio/amp & bass).
Warn Winch and recovery gear.
Powertank compressed CO2 tank system for general utility (airing up rafts, tires, tools).
5.0:1 transfer case low range gearing.
ARB locking differentials front and rear, with air compressor.
Halogen, HID or LED auxiliary lighting.

Special design needs or requests invited.

The Icon is built by hand in California by dedicated craftsmen in very low volume.
Production is limited to 24 units each year.

(source: Icon)

tlc logo 1

TLC (Toyota Land Cruiser) logo.

Icon   Toyota Land Cruiser.
Icon CJ3B : 2010   Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
Icon   Official site.
TLC   Official site.
TLC (FJ Cruiser)   Official site.
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