EarthRoamer XV-JP : 2008

Now rough roads don't mean you have to rough it.
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EarthRoamer® combines Jeep's legendary off road capability with innovative EarthRoamer design to create an Xpedition Vehicle (XV) with unprecedented capability.

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Now you can go anywhere a Jeep will go and have all of the comforts of home when you get there including: an inside toilet and shower, queen size bed and a refrigerator freezer.

The EarthRoamer XV-JP provides everything needed for extended camping in remote locations. Built on the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4WD Unlimited platform with electric front and rear locking differentials and electric sway bar disconnect, the XV-JP provides trail performance that is unmatched by any traditional RV. The EarthRoamer XV-JP will carry two people over the tightest and toughest trails and provide a comfortable camping experience once you reach your destination.

Forget about setting up complicated tents in the rain and sleeping on the cold, hard ground. The easy to deploy XV-JP LoftopTM provides a comfortable bedroom-with-a-view – complete with a forced air furnace to keep you warm and electric fan to keep you cool. With the solar powered fridge you will be enjoying fresh foods frozen deserts and cold beverages instead of enduring granola and freeze dried meals. Ready access to a hot shower and toilet turns remote camping trips into an enjoyable experience instead of an endurance effort.

With an EarthRoamer XV-JP you can forget about running out of ice, searching for drinking water, and enduring the elements. With an 80-watt solar panel powering the fridge, a 25 gallon fresh water supply and a heated and ventilated weatherproof shelter, you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor passion and less time trying to maintain a livable camp.

The XV-JP is the same length and width as a stock Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and is as comfortable being used as a garageable, daily driver as it is tackling the tough trails. Keep your gear in your XV-JP, keep the fridge stocked and the water tank full, and you're ready to cut out of work early on Friday and head for your adventure.

Small enough to be extremely maneuverable and garageable.
-Exterior dimensions: 15-foot 4-inches long, 6-foot 2-inches wide, 7-foot 6-inches high.

Roomy enough to be comfortable.
-Height adjustable driver's front seat offers plenty of room on long trips.
-Electric LoftopTM deploys to provide nearly 9-feet of stand-up height.
-Loftop contains a queen size bed with innovative plastic-spring supported mattress to provide
unprecedented sleeping comfort.
-Rear tent/screen room drops from the rear of the LoftopTM to provide a large shaded, bug-free outside living area.

Designed from the ground up to tackle trails.
-Built on Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4WD Rubicon platform.
-Electric front and rear locking Dana 44 differentials.
-NV241OR two speed transfer case with super-slow, 4:1 crawl ratio.
-Electronic sway bar disconnect improves articulation by 33% when off road.
-Heavy duty coil-springs and gas monotube shocks provide additional ground clearance and improved trail performance.
-Warn 9000 RC winch with synthetic rope for when the going gets really tough.
-Heavy duty off-road bumpers provide extra protection and winch anchor points.
-Four PIAA HID lights mounted high over the cab turns night into day.
-EarthRoamer heavy duty skid plate protects frame mounted camper batteries.
-LT rated mud-terrain off-road tires for excellent trail performance and durability.
-Under-hood, engine driven 8 CFM air compressor for airing-up tires and running power tools.
-3.8-liter V6 engine provides 202 horsepower and 237 foot-pounds of torque.

Safe and secure highway handling.
-Longer wheelbase and stiffer frame dramatically improves on-road handling and performance over previous Jeep Wranglers
-Electronic Stability Program (ESP) uses hydraulic brake assist, traction control, and Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM) to help you stay on coarse by applying selective braking and engine control.
-Center of gravity is kept low by locating heavy items like batteries and water tanks low and in-between the axles.

A secure, comfortable and weatherproof shelter.
-Composite sandwich body construction provides extremely high strength and light-weight body.

Totally self-contained and not dependent on external water or power hookups.
-All electrical systems powered by batteries and solar panel - does not rely on a noisy generator for power.
-Batteries are charged by rooftop 80 watt solar panel, and 160 amp engine alternator while driving.
-6100 btu ultra efficient forced-air furnace sips fuel from the main fuel tank.
-High-efficiency DC compressor refrigeration system utilizes advanced cold-plate technology to conserve power.
-Four-gallon hot water tank is heated by engine while driving.
-25-gallon fresh water supply with filtered drinking water.
-10-gallon gray water tank.
-Inside and outside hot/cold water showers.
-4.5-gallon inside toilet with outside accessible cassette.

(source: EarthRoamer)

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EarthRoamer   Founded in 2002 by Bill Swails and Michele Connolly.
EarthRoamer   Official site.
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