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Vancouver Washington, October 13, 2008.
On Saturday, October 11, Craig Henderson smashed his old World Book record (103.7MPG) and set a new world record in fuel economy (113.1MPG) when he drove his lightweight and aerodynamic automobile - the Avion -from the Canadian border to the Oregon border.

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The Avion was developed as a lightweight and aerodynamic and very fuel-efficient sports car. The prototype was completed in 1984 and set the Guinness world record for fuel economy in 1986 at 103.7-mpg average driving from the Mexico border to British Columbia Canada border.

Avion Technology.
The car has been designed to be manufactured in small volume using recycled components from the automobile recycling yards. Utilizing standard engines and drive trains installed in the Avon's light weight and aerodynamic body we can achieve significant improvements in fuel efficacy and performance making the Avion both fun to drive and while getting great mileage. In our testing the car we were able to achieve 80 mpg At 70 mph and an astonishing 114 mpg at 55 mph driving from Eugene OR. To Portland OR.

The chassis is a monocoque 6061 aluminum with steel space frame on either end. The engine is transversely mounted behind the passengers making the car a transverse mid engine configuration. A lightweight composite body is attached and riveted and bonded making a very stiff and lightweight structure. The cars are hand built and more labor intensive than high volume production. Extensive use of composites, Aluminum and lightweight design are used through out the car to achieve our target weight. Construction is more closely related to small airplane construction than steel stamped automobiles. We utilize all available technology in construction as laser CNC, vacuumed bagged cored composite construction and the latest in composite materials like carbon fiber, Kevlar and "S"-Glass.

The car is standard with four-wheel disks, independent suspension, and rack and pinion steering systems.

The body was designed to reduce drag and wind tunnel derived and tested. It requires only 3 to 6 horsepower to maintain highway speed and this gives the car a top speed over 100 mph.

Semi gull wing doors provide access to a very low car (43" tall 63" wide and 174" long).

Craig Henderson and Bullfrog Boats sponsor the Avion project. They have received tires from Goodyear tire and Canton Bandag Company. They are seeking additional corporate or personal sponsorship with the goal of winning the Progressive Automotive X-prize and making the Avion for production.

(source: Avion)

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Avion brochure (front).

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Avion brochure (back).

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Avion logo.

Avion   Official site.
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