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Founded in 1908.
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Albert, Fred and Charles Fisher, whose family had built horse-drawn carriages in Ohio in the late 1800s, Opened Fisher Body in 1908 in Detroit.

fisher body logo 80s

1980s Fisher Body logo. (source: GM)

They produced car bodies for the likes of Cadillac, Buick, Ford and Studebaker before General Motors purchased 60 percent of the company in 1919.

The six Fisher brothers sold the rest of their shares to GM in 1926, becoming fabulously wealthy in the process, to the tune of $88,000,0000.

Fisher Body existed as a separate division with GM until a 1984 reorganization, when Fisher's 23 stamping, body-assembly and trim plants were folded into GM's larger manufacturing organization.

The 1985 models continued to bear Fisher Body's Napoleonic carriage logo, but by 1996, GM cars carried only division logos.

The Fisher Body Division of General Motors was disbanded as 1984 came to an end

(source: Car & Driver).

fisher body logo 30s

1930s Fisher Body logo. (source: GM)

body by fisher 1.gif

Body by Fisher oval logo.

body by fisher 2

Body by Fisher square logo.

fisher body fleetwood plaque

Fleetwood's Fisher Body plaque. (source: Coachbuilt)
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body by fisher emblem

Body by Fisher oval emblem.

body by fisher sill 1 sm

Body by Fisher oval emblem on door sill.

body by fisher emblem buick electra sill 2 60

Body By Fisher door-sill emblem from a 1960 Buick Electra.

body by fisher emblem buick electra sill 1 60

Body By Fisher door-sill emblem from a 1960 Buick Electra.

in 1933, Fisher Body developed no-draft ventilation, allowing the in-flow and circulation of fresh air while deflecting the draft (making it more bearable for non-smoking companions of cigarette-smokers in particular), and introduced it on all closed GM cars the same year.

(source: GM)

body by fisher smoke 33

1933 No-Draft Ventilation.


The featured coach is a model of the corporate marque of the Fisher Body Company, and is one of the finest existing examples of the coach models from the 1930's.

The Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild was a competition were young men crafted a model coach (later a concept car) to be judged by GM designers and engineers. Winners were awarded significant college scholarships.

The Craftsman's Guild competition ran from the 1930's into the late 1960's. The program grew to be one of the largest youth-oriented contests in the world, and many participants went on to significant design and engineering positions in the automotive industry.

fisher body craftsmans guild coach 2.png

Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Coach model. (source: GM)

fisher body craftsmans guild coach 1.png

Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Coach model. (source: GM)

fisher body craftsmans guild coach 3.png

Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Coach model. (source: GM)

gm bodybyfisher ad 25

1925 General Motors ad highlighting the relationship between GM and Fisher Body.

fisher ad 35

1935 Fisher Body ad for the "Solid steel production of the Turret Top Body by Fisher." Available on Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, La Salle, and Cadillac models.

fisher ad 49

1949 GM "Body By Fisher" ad.

fisher gm ad 51

1951 "Body By Fisher" ad.

fisher ad 53

1953 "Body By Fisher" ad.

fisher ad 61

1961 Pontiac "Body By Fisher" ad.

fisher chevy ad

Chevrolet "Body By Fisher" ad.

fisherbody ad 64

1964 Fisher Body ad.

fisherbody ad 65

1965 Fisher Body ad.

fisherbody ad 66

1966 Fisher Body ad.

gm logo 1

GM logo.


Body Beautiful, 1955.

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