Maserati plaques, stickers and badges.

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All of these Maserati plaques, stickers and emblems are available from Maserati Club International and we thank them for permitting us to use their images. See the link at the bottom of this page for more info.

borrani wheel sticker 28mm

Maserati Borrani Wheel Sticker (28mm).

fuse box legend

Maserati fuse box legend plaque.

dash switch stickers set

Maserati dash switch stickers set.

campagnolo early wheel sticker 55x15mm

Maserati Campagnolo Early Wheel Sticker (55x15mm).

carrozzeria 65x23mm

Maserati Carrozzeria No. palque. (65x23mm).

windscreen sticker 105x68mm

Maserati Windscreen Sticker (105x68mm).

ac sticker 30cu 80x30mm

Maserati air conditioning equipment sticker. 39cu. (80x30mm).


Maserati Autovettura plaque.

ac sticker 45 ci 80x30mm

Maserati air conditioning equipment sticker. 45ci. (80x30mm).

brake booster sticker 70x23mm

Maserati brake booster sticker. D. Bonaldi & C. S.P.A. Crema - (Italia). (70x23mm).

savara vapor canister sticker 80x38mm

Maserati Savara vapor canister sticker. (80x38mm).

ac sticker 45cu 80x30mm

Maserati air conditioning equipment sticker. 45cu. (80x30mm).

savara vapor canister sticker 63x47mm

Maserati Savara vapor canister sticker. (63x47mm).

ps reservoir sticker 75x35mm

Maserati PS reservoir sticker. (75x35mm).

ps reservoir sticker 80x45mm

Maserati PS reservoir sticker. (80x45mm).

chassis 87x60mm

Maserati chassis plaque. (87x60mm).

chassis 87x48mm a

Maserati chassis plaque. (87x48mm).

steering wheel center emblem 41mm

Maserati Trident steering wheel center emblem. (41mm).

chassis 87x48mm b

Maserati chassis plaque. (87x48mm).

lhm pump belt sticker 85x35mm

Maserati LHM pump belt sticker. (85x35mm).

late lubrication 135x115mm

Maserati late lubrication sticker. (135x115mm).

lubrication v8 lhm 130x60mm

Maserati v8 LHM lubrication plaque. (130x60mm).

high voltage ignition sticker 135x70mm

Maserati high voltage ignition sticker. (135x70mm).

lubrication v8 130x60mm

Maserati v8 lubrication plaque. (130x60mm).

emission 300 ci 115x60mm 72

Maserati vehicle emission control information. 300CI. 72. (115x60mm).

emission 300 ci 115x60mm 71

Maserati vehicle emission control information. 300CI. 71. (115x60mm).

4200gvwr compliance 115x50mm

Maserati 4200GVWR compliance plaque. (115x50mm).

merak emissions 110x120mm

Maserati Merak vehicle emissions control information plaque. (110x120mm).

3500gt lubrication 122x61mm

Maserati 3500gt lubrication plaque. (122x61mm).

merak 200gt sticker

Maserati Merak 2000gt sticker.

campagnolo late wheel sticker 100x10mm

Maserati Campagnolo Late Wheel Sticker (100x10mm).

Maserati   Named after Alfieri, Bindo and Ettore Maserati, established in 1914.
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Maserati Kubang GT Wagon : 2003   Designed by the legendary Italian stylist Giorgetto Giugiaro.
Maserati GranTurismo S : 2008   Debuts at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.
Maserati GranTurismo S : 2009   Unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show.
Maserati Khamsin : 1977   430 examples produced.
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