Toyota Updates Progress On Environmental Goals

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December 19, 2008 - New York, N.Y.
Toyota today issued its eighth annual update on progress toward the goals and targets in the company's 2011 Environmental Action Plan (EAP). Recognizing the need to balance economic growth with the needs of society and the environment, the 2008 North America Environmental Report details Toyota's efforts in six key areas of impact: Energy and Climate Change, Recycling and Improved Resource Use, Substances of Concern, Air Quality, Environmental Management and Cooperation with Society.

"Over the past year, we saw a convergence of will from industry, government and society to respond to climate change and to address our collective footprint on the planet," said Dian Ogilvie, senior vice president of Toyota Motor North America. "It is clear that the mix of limited resources, rising temperatures and an increasing global population that wants to be mobile demands an innovative and sustainable response."

As an auto manufacturer, Toyota believes that "sustainable mobility" can be achieved through advanced technologies, key partnerships and creative people who are willing to take on this most important challenge. Toyota is now working hard to achieve sales of one million hybrids per year by the 2010s and accelerating its global plug-in hybrid development program. The company has established a battery research department to develop an innovative next-generation battery that can outperform current lithium-ion technology and continues to improve the performance of its hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid vehicle. In addition to its advanced technology vehicles, Toyota is the most fuel-efficient full line manufacturer.

Beyond vehicles, Toyota has made strides in improving the sustainability of our North American operations and minimizing our impact on the ecosystems we rely upon. For example, Toyota's manufacturing facilities continue to maintain near-zero waste-to-landfill status, reduce water usage, reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds in our paint operations and achieve zero annual notices of violation and complaints. Our entire manufacturing division has slashed its energy use by more than 20% since FY2001, despite an increase in production, facility expansions and construction of new plants.

"We realize that the road to sustainable mobility is a long one," said Ogilvie, "but we are ready and willing to go the distance. Our best resource to achieve this is our people.".

(source: Toyota)

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