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GM Goodwrench is an auto repair service for General Motors.
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Mr. Goodwrench took to the national airwaves in 1977 as a way to market General Motors franchised dealers' service departments, replacing a patchwork of separate GM-divisional offerings. At the time, GM marketed vehicles in the US under the Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac and GMC brands. GM phased out the Goodwrench brand name on February 1, 2011 in the United States.

mr goodureuch sig.gif

Mr. Goodwrench "Signature" logotype.

The Mr. Goodwrench program, as originally conceived, required each dealer to adhere to a set of service delivery standards: requiring high levels of factory training, parts on hand, and service department amenities. The program was backed with a national advertising campaign which featured the iconic Mr. Goodwrench, as the helpful mechanic who could fix whatever ailed your vehicle.

Through several iterations, the advertising campaign worked its way into the lexicon of Americana by becoming shorthand for someone who can fix things. For many years, Jay Leno included his portrayal of Mr. BadWrench, the Evil Twin of Mr. Goodwrench in his stand-up act; The NASA Space shuttle astronauts compared themselves to "Mr. Goodwrench" when they were fixing the Hubble space telescope.

Beginning in 1996, the brand was changed to become GM Goodwrench Service Plus, dropping the "Mr." and the human representations.

From 1988 until 2005, they were the primary sponsor for Richard Childress Racing in NASCAR. In 2006, they reduced their role, as the #29 car split sponsorship with Hershey's. On October 7, 2006, General Motors announced that it would step down as one of the longest running NASCAR title sponsors, with Royal Dutch Shell taking over as the main sponsor for the #29 Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet driven by Kevin Harvick.

With this change, GM's Service and Parts Operations closed a major chapter in NASCAR history. Since signing on with the Rookie of the Year Driver, Dale Earnhardt, as an associate sponsor in the early 1980s, and assuming title sponsor status for the 1988 season, Goodwrench was present in the winners circle for six of Earnhardt's seven Winston Cup wins.

Following Earnhardt's tragic death on the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500, RCR and Goodwrench moved the sponsorship from the trademark "3" car to #29, with Kevin Harvick as driver.

Goodwrench will remain an associate sponsor for the 2007 season.

goodwrench type

Old Mr.Goodwrench logotype.

gm goodwrench old logo

Old Mr.Goodwrench logotype (with GM emblem).

gm goodwrench new1 logo

New Mr.Goodwrench logo.

gm goodwrench new2 logo

New Mr.Goodwrench logomark.

goodwrench brands

New Mr. Goodwrench logo (and GM brands).

goodwrench sign

To help ease the pain of this experience, Goodwrench introduced Mr. Goodwrench, a feel-good fella who assured you that your car would be in good hands and back on the road in no time. And through the 80s, Mr. Goodwrench did its job and more, entering the lexicon as someone that could fix anything, not just cars. Even, in a less flattering turn, Mr. Goodwrench became slang for men's private parts. During the early 90s, Mr. Goodwrench faded away. (source: Under Consideration).

goodwrench service racing

GM Mr. Goodwrench Serice Racing.

mr goodwrench logo 1444w

Mr. Goodwrench logo.

goodwrench dealersign

Mr Goodwrench dealer sign.

gm goodwrench button

GM Mr. Goodwrench button.

mr goodwrench keychain

Mr Goodwrench keyfob.

mr goodwrench cap

Mr Goodwrench cap.

mr goodwrench colorbook 79

1979 Mr. Goodwrench coloring book.

mr goodwrench colorbook

1977 Mr. Goodwrench coloring book.

goodwrench spec

General Motors Dealer Identification signage system. (Offers ground mounted free standing lot signage on a ten year lease basis).

goodwrench spec2

General Motors Dealer Identification signage system.

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