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You don't need us to tell you about Apple's iPhone and all of their great Apps, so we are going to just tell you about a few of the ones about and for cars.

iphone apps

A Racing Game. by Rjen.

iphone a racing game

Keep your brain sharp by erasing matching values. From a set of twelve equations tap on the pairs that produce the same answers. The faster you reach the checkered flag, the more bonus points you earn. Try to beat your personal high score as you race along three increasingly difficult laps. by Media Digital.

iphone autooe24

Together with car4you is one of the largest used car platforms in Austria. From now on you now also have direct access to our used car market.

Car Jack. by Vijay Onteddu.

iphone car jack

Its a mini jungle out there. Fun and fast loading game. Made for the iPhone.

Family Car Insurance Finder. by 5150 Enterprises.

iphone family car insurance finder

Enter your zip code and get instant discount rate quotes! Family Car Insurance now gives you a compact car insurance search for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Gas Prices. by Tinbu.

iphone gas prices

Find the Cheapest Gas Prices in your city made for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Provides accurate online maps, driving directions and Gas Station phone number.

iRacer. by MyShip.

iphone iracer

Dodge the other cars as you drive your red sports car on the track. Use the two green buttons to switch lanes. Use the two speed limit signs to change the speed of the on coming cars. by DealerTrend.

iphone irssauto

Use to search through thousands of vehicles based on year, make, model, color, price range, mileage, and other criteria to then have the results sent to your iPhone as they arrive daily using an RSS feed. Have do the hard work of finding the right vehicle and the best value so you can do more important things.

Local Gas Prices. by Total Ecommerce.

iphone local gas prices

Every penny counts during tough economic times! Simply input your zip code or city and state and view a local map. You can navigate the map with your mouse, zoom in and out. Prices from several local gas stations appear on the map. Click on the pricef or more details. Details include current price, price averages and exact address.

Mercedes-Benz Headline Newswire. by Crossgates AC.

iphone mercedes benz headline newswire

Get all the latest news, reviews and inside information about the automobile known as the Mercedes-Benz. The news is updated daily and comes from some of the best Benz related sites on the Internet and formatted perfectly for your iPod Touch or iPhone. Add it as a bookmark or mail to a fellow Mercedes driver! (Not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz)

Mileage. by Piet Jonas.

iphone mileage

This site helps to calculate the mileage of your car quick and easy. In addition it can give you the cost per distance and maximum range of your car.

Enter distance or your odometer readings. You can save a history of calculations locally on your phone and email them to yourself for backup and further processing. Wrong or unnecessary values can be removed.

Display and email charts of your history values. Calculates and emails total values out of your history.

Mini Cooper Owner’s Headline News. by Crossgates AC.

iphone mini owners headline news

Whether you own a Mini Cooper or are just looking to purchase, check out this webapp! All the latest headline news from the world of this exciting automobile right on your iPod Touch or iPhone. Bookmark it on your homescreen or send to a friend today!

MPG Facts. EPA Gas Mileage Ratings. by InfoSports.

iphone mpgfacts provides MPG (miles per gallon) and expected fuel cost information on virtually all 1984 - 2009 vehicles sold in the US. The database contains over 20,000 cars, trucks, SUV’s and other special purpose vehicles.

Vehicle information displayed on is obtained from databases released by the Evironmental Protection Agency.

Parking Lot. by 38i.

iphone parking lot

A Rush Hour clone. Move the cars in the parking lot to free the black car. There are 39 levels (with increasing complexity) to play.

Search Cars for Sale. by Zimin Computer Services.

iphone search cars for sale

Search thousands of cars classified ads from your phone. Search for cars can be performed by state, city, make and model. Listings are provided by

Speedway. by 38i.

iphone speedway

Race against other cars in the potentially never ending race. You drive faster than everyone else but you must not crash. Once you crash 6 times the race is over. How long can you drive without wrecking? Speedway features a single button control. Tap in different spots on the button to move the car.

The Hybrid Automobile Owner’s Headline News. by Crossgates AC.

iphone the hybrid automobile owners headline news

If you own (or are thinking of purchasing) a hybrid automobile, then this is the website for you! Take all the daily news about hybrid vehicles with you right on your iPod touch or iPhone, or send to a “Green” friend right from the front page! Culling information from the best hybrid car sites on the Internet, you will always be up-to-date about everything hybrid!

Think Racer. by Under Clouds Games.

iphone think racer

Get in the driver’s seat and race to the victory. Think and plan your way along the racing track, overcome opponents and participate in the championship to become the ultimate Think Racer.

Traffic. by RobDesigns.

iphone traffic

This native-looking tool shows all traffic information you need when on the road in The Netherlands. View current traffic jams, taffic speed controls, live traffic cameras and more.

Traffic Report. by Joel Rodriguez.

iphone traffic report

You can enter a zip code and a radius distance around this zip code to find a report of current road events in this area. The report includes: accidents, road blocks, maintenances, etc.

UK Traffic Reports. by Ross McKillop.

iphone uk traffic report

Traffic Reports for the UK, in an iPhone friendly format. Designed to fit in perfectly with the iPhone’s own applications and optimised for use over the EDGE network.

Volkswagen News and Reviews. by Crossgates AC.

iphone vw news and reviews

Whether you are a current VW owner or are looking to purchase, this is the webapp for you! Formatted exclusively for the iPod touch and iPhone, we bring you the latest VW news from around the web, updated daily for your reading pleasure. Bookmark the app for fast access or send to a VW-loving friend!

(source: Apple)

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