Aptera Building a Vehicle That's Safe for Our Families

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When Aptera began engineering the 2e, they had a form of "efficiency tunnel-vision." Then they broadened their perspective and made protecting our loved ones the number one agenda item for their engineers. While the government currently classifies any three-wheel vehicle as a motorcycle, they've taken it upon themselves to make sure their vehicles meet passenger car safety standards, both for consumer needs and our own peace-of-mind.

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2009 Aptera 2e.

It starts with their composite body, which, besides allowing them the ability to form organic, aerodynamic shapes, has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. This material actually is so strong that they offer $100 to guests at their warehouse if they can hit the Aptera shell with a sledgehammer and make a dent.

Everybody who's tried has failed because, unlike the metal materials most automakers use, their composites don't permanently deform. Instead, it protects by absorbing and reflecting the energy from impacts.

Under the skin, the safety continues with some more familiar features, including three-point seatbelts, side impact door beams, a roll bar, a tire pressure monitoring system, front airbags, side-curtain airbags and crumple zones in both the front and rear.

Additionally, a low center of gravity makes the vehicle incredibly stable and nimble, and lightweight construction means it's about one-half as hefty as a Toyota Prius, which helps in braking.

It's no accident that the Aptera incorporates a lot of the concepts Formula One race cars use to keep their drivers safe at 200 miles per hour. With that sort of obsessive engineering, they feel comfortable about the protection provided to your family and ours in an Aptera.

Specifications for an Evolving Vehicle.
They're flattered that Apterans continue to monitor their progress so closely. However, they want you to understand that the 2e is still being finalized, which means engineering changes will affect many of the 2e's ultimate dimensions.

The latest pre-production vehicle, seen at the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference February 3-7 in Long Beach, is a good example of their engineering team being far ahead of what the public is able to see right now. So, though the width of the 2e may have measured 91 inches at TED, be assured that it will be significantly narrower and more practical in subsequent iterations of the vehicle.

In the meantime, they've produced their latest brochure, including a complete list of vehicle specifications, available for download. Please keep in mind that some of these details may change, but, as always, they'll make sure you're among the first to know.

(source: Aptera)

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Aptera logo.

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