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April 8, 2009.
Shown at the 2009 New York International Auto Show, this pickup concept designed by Italian Elad Barkan has a very unique take on the traditional truck.

barkan counter balance 1 09

2009 Barkan Counter Balance.

Whether it’s because they help you work, moving and hauling things around, allow having some fun by “getting some mud on the tires” or maybe because people grew up with them, no matter what the reason is, they are very useful vehicles.

The thing is that sometimes they are not really up for all the tasks they are required to do. Ideal and compromise sound like two opposite words, but what happens if the compromise turns into the perfect combination?

A combination that would suite families and individuals' life styles like a glove. The Counter Balance is the ultimate pickup.

It doesn’t really belong to any category, and that’s because there isn’t really anything like it. The concept is different from what been seen before, it’s architecture redefines the pickup truck segment. This change is what makes this pickup so different.

The Counter Balance is safer, more practical for daily use and much more agile on paved roads. It will help do everything faster, easier and better than any of its competitors: It has an integrated-easy access trunk, improved off road capability and 360 degrees visibility for the guys in the back seat.

All these come in a completely new, unique and sporty design package. The Counter Balance is a more efficient pickup truck, one that combines the compact dimensions of a mid size sedan with the advantages of a full size pickup, the practicality of the space in an S.U.V and the agility of a sporty crossover.

The Counter balance was created with passion. Passion for driving, passion for the outdoors, for design, and for helping make life easier.

Active Safety:
The weight distribution is close to 50/50 between rear and front. This means that the Counter Balance is more stable with improved handling, especially when compared with other pickup trucks.

Passive Safety:
Contrary to common beliefs, the absence of the engine in the front actually means that you can create a safer structure. In case of a frontal crash - a front engine doesn’t absorb the impact, but transfers it to the passenger cabin.

The Biggest bed Volume in Its Class.
The Counter Balance’s 5 ft. bed offers the biggest bed volume in it’s class (about 60 ft).

In Bed Trunk.
In addition to an practical embedded front trunk, the Counter Balance offers an in bed lockable trunk. This way you can separate your muddy and greasy equipment from the shopping bag in the front.

A Double Pivoting Hinge System.
The special design of the Counter Balance allows it to get a dual directional hinge tailgate that lets you choose an upward pivoting tailgate for an easier loading than a traditional down tilting tailgate.

(text and images source: Barkan)

barkan counter balance 2 09

2009 Barkan Counter Balance.

barkan counter balance 3 09

2009 Barkan Counter Balance.

barkan counter balance 4 09

2009 Barkan Counter Balance.

barkan counter balance 5 09

2009 Barkan Counter Balance.

barkan counter balance draw 09

2009 Barkan Counter Balance drawing.

counter balance logo

Counter Balance logo.

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