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April 23, 2009.
Since 2000, the successive variants of Clio Renault Sport have led to it becoming the most popular hatchback of its class, with worldwide sales totalling more than 70,000 cars. The Renault Sport version of the brand’s best-selling model has been unanimously praised by exacting owners as one of the market’s best hot hatches, and also one of the most fun to drive.

renault clio sport 1 09

2009 Renault Clio Sport.

The challenge faced by the engineers from Renault Sport Technologies was to build on the existing qualities of Clio Renault Sport and take its inherent strengths and dynamism to a new level.

New Clio Renault Sport’s sporty calling is evident both inside and outside the car. Its exterior styling includes aerodynamic features which take their inspiration from the world of Formula 1:
- a front splitter
- front-wing air-extractors and a rear diffuser, two technologies which form a package that is unique on the hot hatch market. The interior is given over to driving enjoyment and can be adapted to suit the owner’s personal tastes thanks to a range of finishes and upholsteries.

New Clio Renault Sport features all the ingredients that have long forged the success of Renault Sport models:
- available with either the ‘Sport’ or ‘Cup’ chassis, plus an independent steering axis front suspension arrangement which ensures outstanding precision and traction in all conditions,
- Brembo callipers and large brake discs deliver powerful, durable stopping power,
- a high performance engine: specific output of more than 100hp / litre, with peak power raised to 147.5kW (203hp), plus extra torque at engine speeds of less than 3,000rpm compared with its predecessor.

To meet customer demand even more closely, the Clio Renault Sport range takes two distinct lines:
- the ‘chic and sporty’ line, for customers looking for a comfortable, well-equipped, status-enhancing car.
- and the ‘outright performance’ line, for exacting connoisseurs who are passionate about their driving. This version is 36 kg lighter and boasts the best weight-to-power ratio of its class (6kg / hp).

Renault’s latest hot hatch shares its genes with the other members of the New Clio family, and is versatile, safe and extensively-equipped: an integrated Carminat TomTom® satnav system is available either as standard equipment or as an option for €490.

New Clio Renault Sport’s sporty credentials are visible both inside and outside the car. Its exterior styling includes aerodynamic features which take their inspiration from the world of Formula 1, namely the front splitter, the frontwing air-extractors and the rear air diffuser.

A Powerful Stance.
New Renault Clio’s original, hallmark looks have been revised and place the accent on more athletic curves. The wings are 30.5mm wider to accommodate the wider front and rear tracks which have been extended by 48 mm and 50 mm respectively. The more aggressive front end incorporates a generously-sized, low-positioned air intake, the mission of which is to feed cooling air to the normally-aspirated 147.5kW 2.0 16V engine (203hp).

The sills, extractors and wider front and rear wings all highlight the sporty calling of New Clio Renault Sport which features Renault Sport’s new styling cues in the form of the Renault Sport Design Pack: a two-tone colour scheme based on a choice of Gloss Black or Cold Metal Grey for the front bumper mouldings, exterior mirror housings and diffuser which incorporates the twin exhaust tailpipes.

New Clio Renault Sport sits squarely on the road thanks to its wide tyres (215 / 45) mounted on 17-inch aluminium alloy rims, through which it is possible to see the Brembo brake callipers and big brakes responsible for its powerful, durable stopping power. Renault Sport badging is visible on the tailgate, on the satin-finish chrome inserts of the side protective mouldings and under the bonnet on the intake manifold. New Clio Renault Sport sees the introduction of a brand new, exclusive Alien Green metallic paint finish which joins the catalogue’s four other metallic body colours (Monako Blue, Sirius Yellow, Makaha Grey and Platine Grey), alongside pearlescent Deep Black and the non-metallic Dynamo Blue and Toro Red.

Aerodynamics Derived from Formula 1 Technology.
New Clio Renault Sport’s aerodynamics include a front splitter, front-wing air-extractors and a rear air diffuser, a development which is unique for this segment. Thanks to these features which take their inspiration from Formula 1 technology, New Clio Renault Sport’s CdA has been cut by 0.02 compared with that of its predecessor to 0.753.

The more aggressive front end incorporates an F1-type aerodynamic splitter.

The extractors visible on the front wings contribute to the car’s aerodynamic performance by neutralizing the turbulence produced by the wider wings and play a part in improving the model’s CdA. They also facilitate the extraction of hot air from underneath the bonnet, while the vents are angled to channel airflow along the sides of the car for enhanced performance.

New Clio Renault Sport is also equipped with an air diffuser. This aerodynamic feature is only standard equipment on the very highestend sporting cars. The diffuser uses the air which passes underneath the car to keep the car glued to the road. This air is channelled by the flat bottom to the diffuser where it accelerates before being expulsed at a faster speed. Combined with the forms of the diffuser, this creates a zone of depression under the car which sucks the chassis to the ground. Compared with a conventional wing, diffusers generate significant downforce without resisting forward movement. At 130kph, lift is reduced by almost 40 kg. The diffuser is designed to function in association with the rear flat bottom which leaves space for the exhaust silencer and side-mounted tailpipes.

A Sporty Interior.
New Clio Renault Sport’s sporty calling is mirrored in details such as the aluminium pedal covers and footrest, as well as by the perforated leather steeringwheel with visible stitching and yellow centre-point marker. The specific Renault Sport seats are exceptionally comfortable and ensure a high level of body-hugging lateral support. The yellow rev-counter includes an audible and visible gearshift indicator to help optimize gear changes. The size of the figures displayed on the rev-counter increases as the needle approaches the red zone which is set at 7,500rpm. As with all models developed by Renault Sport Technologies, Renault Sport badging is visible inside the cabin on the rev-counter background, sills and front seats.

A Range Of Interior Finishes.
A choice of three interior trims (Argenté Grey, Yellow and Dark Charcoal) enables customers to select the colour of the seatbelts, dashboard trimming and / or upholstery according to their personal taste. Bucket seats designed and developed in association with Recaro are also available for New Clio Renault Sport. They are equipped with lateral airbags, plus a rigid, glass-fibre / polyamide-injected shell which provides the sort of all-enveloping experience associated with motor sport. The slots for the harness belts and integrated headrest add a further sporty touch, while at the same time serving to hold occupants firmly in place. Customers looking for additional chic will be tempted by the alternative leather seats.

Powerful, Durable Brakes.
New Clio Renault Sport’s powerful, durable brakes combine with the Continental Sport 3 tyres (215x45) to guarantee stopping distances identical to those of very high-end sporting models. Pedal travel is progressive and easy to gauge. The 312mm-diameter vented front discs are paired with four-pot Brembo callipers, while the 300 mm-diameter rear discs function with single-piston TRW callipers.

(source: Renault)

renault clio sport 3 09

2009 Renault Clio Sport.

renault clio sport 4 09

2009 Renault Clio Sport.

renault clio sport 2 09

2009 Renault Clio Sport.

renault clio sport 6 09

2009 Renault Clio Sport.

renault clio sport 5 09

2009 Renault Clio Sport.

renault clio sport in1 09

2009 Renault Clio Sport interior.

renault clio sport in2 09

2009 Renault Clio Sport interior.

renault clio sport emblem 09

2009 Renault Clio Sport emblem.

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