Artes Gato Montes : 1971

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660 Euros Citroën 3 CV n/a n/a
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During the Salón del Automóvil de Barcelona in 1971 the company Artés de Arcos presented a surprising amphibious vehicle with 6x6 traction, called the Gato Montés, a lesser-known vehicle from Spanish automobile history.

gato montes 6

1971 Artes Gato Montes.

The story of the "Gato" had started quite a lot earlier, when Artés de Arcos, carried along by his fondness for such vehicles, decided to dedicate a corner of one of his accessory factories to experimenting with 4-wheel vehicles, and made steady progress year on year.

The fundamental improvement introduced in the "Gato Montes" was the use of the Citroën 3 CV engine, complete with clutch and gearbox. The Citroën engine was stringently tested in all conditions giving it a magnificent performance. From the gearbox, two axles, one on each side, moved their respective chains and set in motion the two sets of three wheels, similar to a combat tank or to a caterpillar tractor. The engine was placed over a small chassis, where it was joined at the same time to the bodywork, which was completely watertight and built in plastic.

The best comparison of its appearance would be to that of a bathtub. The holes through which the wheel axles passed carried their corresponding retainers, keeping the water out. The enormous tyres - which were inflated to a pressure of only 0.250 kg/cm2 - gave the vehicle a brave, friendly look.

Driving was made very simple, through the use of two levers in front of the driver. A full set of lights was typical of the series while the hard top, heating, towing hook and the running boards were optional.

The price of the Gato Montés in Spain in 1971 was 110000 Ptas.(660 euros).

(source: Artes De Arcos)

gato montes 5

1971 Artes Gato Montes.

gato montes 7

1971 Artes Gato Montes.

gato montes 8

1971 Artes Gato Montes.

gato montes 9

1971 Artes Gato Montes.

gato montes draw

1971 Artes Gato Montes specs.

gato montes manual 1.gif

Artes Gato Montes manual.

gato montes manual 2.gif

Artes Gato Montes manual.

gato montes cat logo

Artes Gato Montes "cat" logo.

gato montes logo 1

Artes Gato Montes logo.

gato montes logo

Artes Gato Montes logo.

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