Chicago Sidewalk and Budget

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The Chicago budget deficit issue has risen to such a confrontational level in this city that it has driven me to do another post on what I believe is contributing to the overall waste.

Mayor Richard M. Daley proposed that the City trim non-union personnel costs by $10 million, but the ongoing waste in this city continues, like the crosswalks, speed-bumps, and this sidewalk example explains.

Now I know this is basically all about cars, but I just had to bring this up since sidewalks are somewhat related to "streets".

Just to be clear, I am not opposed to improvements, in fact, I think this city is one of the most beautiful ones in the nation, and I believe it is because of all of the great new places and services the city has put in place.

My issue with this particular sidewalk project is two-fold. First, something has to go. It is just the nature of "tough times", and when you have the city contemplating laying off workers to save money, then I think a sidewalk can wait. It's not even that the sidewalks were damaged, or needed repairs, they are simply putting what is supposed to be a non-slip corner.

Second, and here's where the main problem is for me (aside from the massive cost)....

First, they start with an already perfectly good handicap-accessible sidewalk....

chicago sidewalk and budget 1

Then they have to tear up the entire corner and sides...

chicago sidewalk and budget 2
chicago sidewalk and budget 3

They fill it back in with cement and cap it with these pink "non-slip" tiles...

chicago sidewalk and budget 4
chicago sidewalk and budget 5

Then 3 to 6 months later, they all start to crack...

chicago sidewalk and budget 6
chicago sidewalk and budget 7
chicago sidewalk and budget 8
chicago sidewalk and budget 9
chicago sidewalk and budget 10

The cracks get to the point were the entire tile simply disappears, leaving a hole for people to trip on...

chicago sidewalk and budget 11

And, this is the best part, the city comes in and fills the hole with cement, leaving the sidewalk exactly as it was vefore this whole expensive mess started...

chicago sidewalk and budget 12

This happens on every single corner without fail (no pun intended). Something smells here. I can not believe that the city is not aware of the lifespan of these tiles and continues to waste taxpayer money like this.

It just doesn't make any sense, and here are more a full three years later...

img 1133
img 1132
img 1137
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