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Moscow, Russia.
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n/a V6 245.0 2010
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Nikolay Fomenko and Yefim Ostrovsky, together with Ria Novosti presented first Russian innovative sports car Marussia made by Russian company E.M.M.

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2010 Marussia.

"World automotive industry is ensnared by out-of-date technologies" — said famous race driver, world champion according to FIA GT, and today car designer Nikolay Fomenko, "huge yet not covered investment into metal body-bearing vehicles don’t let world auto giants perform well before emerging radical turning point in motor-car construction. That enables our company to make a breakthrough."

"Our Marussia vehicles with petrol and electric drive, which we have been presenting today, would be available for the customers in a year". Marussia is a business’ response to the necessity of introduction of innovative behavior to the Russian economy, which we are appealed for by the Russian President and Prime Minister, which is the call of the times."- Fomenko said, introducing ready-to-sell Marussia sports car with chassis’ numbers 0001 and 0002 at the press conference in New Manezh.

"Using the spatial chassis and body made of cutting-edge materials have allowed our company to avoid costly metal working and transform vehicle production into a process, which is not more complicated then cell phones’ assemblage. Even 15 years ago a cell phone was a luxury item and cost 10 times more expensive, than it is today. The main marketing innovation of Marussia is that we can produce cars with replaceable bodies — exactly as cell phones with changeable shells are now manufactured."

Marussia vehicles is a radical innovation in automotive industry. Spatial cockpit chassis, on which engine and suspension are mounted, allows to avoid costly technology of stamping longerons. Spatial cockpit chassis is a key feature of Marussia's construction, which has long been used in construction of Formula 1 cars. It allows to improve significantly vehicle’s safety and achieve extraordinary reduction in car’s weight. However, the use of such technology in automotive industry have been constrained by huge investments made by world vehicle producers in last generation technology.

The vehicle.
Marussia sports car was engineered on the basis of a new special chassis, created by Russian engineers. It is a fast sports car with wonderful aerodynamic characteristics, which will be certified for city driving.

The main requirement for the production is the use of the high-tech materials and components. Ideologists of the project Nikolay Fomenko and Yefim Ostrovsky believe that innovations and reliability are the key factors of the production under Marussia trademark. Among the main car characteristics one can see a unique design of the vehicle exterior, which can be chosen in person; high operating performance; comfortable city driving.

Uniqueness of the concept is that of several completely different in design and color vehicle bodies can fit sole chassis. Together with the outside appearance, the interior design may be changed also to match colour and shape of the body. Finally, in spite of all changes the character and driving facilities of the car will remain unchanged. So, off-the-shelf product becomes an exclusive car, which has no analogues in the world. The competition between young Russian designers took place to find out the best version of an outside appearance of the first sport car. Functionality and multimedia options of the car boggle the imagination even of the most exacting users. The up-to-date technologies such as audio, video, Bluetooth, 4G Yota Internet access and VoIP are provided for the driver and the passengers of Marussia.

The first automobile Marussia is equipped with a 3.5 litre petrol engine providing 240bhp. A racing version of the car, which is being developed now, would be engineered with respect to contemporary auto racing technologies. At present Marussia is a mid-engined vehicle, but the working on a front- and rear-engined versions of chassis has been already started. Along with several kinds of outside appearance, the expansion of the production range and creation of vehicles of other classes is planned: in particular, more popular among customers, five seat four-wheel drive SUV.

Model : V6, petrol
Placement: В Mid-mounted
Capacity (cc): 3498
Maximum power (hp): 245
Max. torque (Nm at rev/min): 330 / 3600

Drive: Rear-wheel
Gearbox: 5-speed automatic

Aluminium semi-monocoque

Length: 4635
Width: 2000
Height: 1100
Width: 2680

Fuel System.
Tank capacity (litre): 80
Fuel/octane number: Petrol/95

Type: Independent
Front: A-arm, “pushrod” scheme
Rear: A-arm, “pushrod” scheme

Disks: Ventilated
Brake calipers: 4-piston

Type: Pirelli PZero Rosso
Front, size: 245/35/20
Rear, size: 285/35/20

Gross vehicle weight (kg): 1000
Top speed (km/h): >250
Speed Up 0-100км/ч: 5 сек

(source: Marussia)

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2010 Marussia.

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2010 Marussia.

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2010 Marussia.

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2010 Marussia interior.

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2010 Marussia interior.

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2010 Marussia interior.

marussia in8 10

2010 Marussia interior.

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2010 Marussia interior.

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2010 Marussia interior.

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2010 Marussia interior.

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Marussia logo.

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