Trabant nT : 2009

The "newTrabi" idea becomes the "Trabant nT".
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The new Trabant nT is supposed to emphasize the trend to simplification and ecological responsibility – without abandoning fun, emotion and safety. Its seed money is the publicity, the sympathy and attention, which the brand Trabant attracts. It already has its fans today.

trabant nt 2 09

2009 Trabant nT.

The continuation of the newTrabi story at this year’s IAA in Frankfurt/Main is highly anticipated. In hall 8, the prototype of the “Trabant nT” will be presented to the world public.

“We are past the vision– we are in the implementation phase”, emphasizes IndiKar-CEO Ronald Gerschewski, one of the initiators and main actors for the vehicle development. He continues: “Our goal is the series-production-readiness.”

In the past two years since Herpa began the “Initiative newTrabi”, they’ve come closer to that goal. The concept is sound and ready for a strong investor to become involved in the serial design and production.

The best-case scenario would see the first “Trabant nT” with electric motor ready for sale in 2012.

Since 1990, Herpa has already produced several hundred thousand examples of the Trabant as quality models in the 1/87 scale.

For the Trabant’s 50th anniversary in 2007, Herpa-manager Klaus Schindler started the initiative “newTrabi” and presented a design draft at the IAA 2007. Due to the positive echo worldwide, the initative “newTrabi” advanced and became a project with competent partners.

The automobile designer Nils Poschwatta was so convinced by the idea that he decided to devote himself to the project “newTrabi” full-time and came up with the entire design-work for the “Trabant nT”.

Ronald Gerschewski, CEO of IndiKar Individual Karosseriebau GmbH with his dedicated team from the Autoland Saxony developed and built the concept car “Trabant nT” for the IAA 2009.

The worldwide known brand “Trabant” now offers a strong investor the entry into an exciting automobile project with potential for the future.

The Vision.
The “Trabant nT” was designed as a trend-setting, straightforward and sound vehicle, which is also expressed in its shape. Simple surfaces draw their energy from the subtle tension of the longitudinal axis. No unnecessary beading, edges or conspicuous ornamentation distract from the overall shape. The trapezoidal grill opening downwards, the front and rear lights, the bumper pads as well as the superimposed roof are the fundamental graphic elements.

Distinctive design elements of the original “Trabant P 601 Universal” were elaborated on and enhanced for this fashionable, modern interpretation. The nT was to be recognizable as a Trabant, but at the same time clearly independent and distinctive in form.

The Idea.
Simple, strong, light and practical – for decades, these virtues stood for the “Trabant” brand. What’s more, the new “Trabant nT” is economical, environmentally-sound, innovative and individual. It stands out as a modern, solely electric-powered car. Its seed money is the publicity, the sympathy and attention, which the brand “Trabant” attracts. It already has its fans today.

Driving pleasure with environmental awareness by focusing on the basics. No unnecessary gadgetry. The concept “Trabant nT” stands for a safe and reliable cityand medium-range vehicle, a second family car, a handy helper for service providers from a wide range of areas. It could be on the road in 2012 provided that we are able to find a strong partner. The “Trabant nT” is supposed to emphasize the trend to simplification and ecological responsibility – without abandoning fun, emotion and safety.

Dimensions: 3.950 x 1.690 x 1.500 mm
Wheel base: 2.450 mm
Seats: 4+1 (one child seat)
Unloaded weight: approx. 1.050 kg, vehicle payload 400 kg
Range: max. 160 km
Charging time: 230-V-network approx. 8 h, 380-V-network approx. 2 h
Maximum speed: approx. 130 km/h
Engine: central asynchronous motor, output 47 kW
Battery: lithium-ion
Solar-roof: 1,8 m²: approx. 120 W to support ventilation and extra appliances

(source: Trabant)

trabant nt 1 09

2009 Trabant nT.

trabant nt 3 09

2009 Trabant nT.

trabant nt 4 09

2009 Trabant nT.

trabant nt headlight 09

2009 Trabant nT headlight.

trabant nt wheel 09

2009 Trabant nT wheel.

trabant nt in3 09

2009 Trabant nT interior.

trabant nt in1 09

2009 Trabant nT interior.

trabant nt in2 09

2009 Trabant nT interior.

trabant nt logo 09

Trabant nT logo.

newtrabi logo

NewTrabi logo.

trabant old script

Old script logotype.

Carlos's comments

I know the Trabant brand has a terrible reputation, but I think this vehicle is really nice and I'm sure it will not be related in any way to the past. In many ways, it looks a bit like the Mini and in fact its interior is what the Mini should be.

Trabant   German for "satellite", to honor the Soviet satellite Sputnik.
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