Nissan Pulsar NX : 1980

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The Nissan Pulsar was a compact car/small family car produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan from 1978, when it debuted as a subcompact car, to 2007, when it was replaced in all markets by the Nissan Tiida (or Nissan Versa).

nissan pulsar nx 87 sm

1980 Nissan Pulsar NX.

A more angular Pulsar version was announced in mid-1982. This model was also built in Italy by Alfa Romeo as the Arna (named after the joint venture which created it, Alfa Romeo Nissan Autoveicoli), using Alfa Romeo engines. Confusingly, the Italian models were also sold with Nissan badges, in Japan as the Nissan Pulsar Milano and in Europe as the Nissan Cherry Europe. At Alfa Romeo, the Arna was meant to replace lesser versions of the popular Alfasud, but never had the Italian car's appeal. The Cherry Europe also failed spectacularly in its home market - lacking the build quality and reliability of its Japanese built twin car, yet at the same time managing to inherit the typical 1980s Alfa vulnerability to body corrosion.

By this time, Nissan had more or less standardized its naming policy worldwide, so as a Nissan it tended, with few exceptions, to be known as a Pulsar.

Those exceptions included related models in the Japanese home market. The Nissan Langley was a Pulsar with more powerful engines and four headlights. The Nissan Liberta Villa was a four-door version. The Nissan Pulsar EXA was a two-door coupé version with pop-up headlights. European markets continued with the Cherry name (as opposed to "Cherry Europe" for Alfa-built models).

The Pulsar EXA was known in North America as the Pulsar NX and shared many of its parts with the Nissan Sentra. This version of the Pulsar NX was available from 1983 to 1986 and came with either the fuel injected turbocharged E15ET engine or the carbureted naturally-aspirated E16S engine.

The Langley was built in Australia as the Nissan Pulsar, while the more standard Pulsar appeared there as the Holden Astra. The three-door and five-door hatchback versions of the Pulsar were also made available, replacing the old Datsun 310 hatchbacks, but they proved to be unpopular and they were withdrawn from Nissan's North American lineup after one year. The five-door hatchback remained in Australia until 1987, where it was known as the Pulsar ET Turbo

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Bruce Campbell.
Campbell joined NDA in 1980. He worked as a chief designer for groundbreaking vehicle designs such as the Nissan Gobi Concept Truck, and served as principal designer for various Nissan projects including the “Hardbody” pickup, Pulsar NX, Maxima, Cocoon Concept and Xterra SUV. He also holds a number of design-related patents in the U.S. and abroad.

(source: Nissan)

nissan pulsar nx sheet 87

1987 Nissan Pulsar NX sell-sheet. (source: John Lloyd)

Carlos's comments

Not sure of I should admit this, but I owned two of these. One in red and one in white, the same year. At the time, it was not a bad car.

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