Rapier Super Lite Coupe : 2010

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MSRP Engine HP Manufactured
$179,000 LS7 V8 500.0 2010
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Rapier Automotive presents Superlite Series of exotic cars. Exceptional engineering and high quality components puts the Rapier SL-C on par with other supercars costing much much more. Almost every component of the Rapier Superlite Coupe has been handcrafted using space age materials. The use of the Chevy LS Series Powerplant's and the Ricardo GT50 Transmission means your vehicle cost of ownership is very reasonable.

rapier sl c 10 06.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

2010 Rapier SL-C at a glance
• Top Speed: 222 MPH
• 0-60: 3.2 Seconds
• Curb Weight: 2375 lbs.
• Quarter-mile Elapsed Time: 10.6 seconds
• Price: $179,000 with LS376
• Delivery: 9 Months

• Aluminium Tig welded Monocoque Chassis/Space Frame Hybrid
• 6-point Racing Roll Cage utilising DOM CNC bent Seamless Steel Tubing
• Left-Hand Drive
• Chassis Mounted Serial Number Tags

• CNC Billet Aluminum Unequal Length Upper and Lower Arms [Front & Rear]
• CNC Billet Aluminum Uprights [Front & Rear]
• Pushrod rear suspension
• QA1 Aluminum Double Adjustable Shocks - truly independent double adjustable with 24 compression & 24 rebound adjustments with evenly spaced valving changes.
• QA1 Springs

• Custom made rack and pinion
• Full Electric Tilt & Adjustable In/Out Steering Column
• Collapsible Steering Column
• Quick Release Steering Wheel

• 6 piston calipers front & rear [330mm 2 piece vented & slotted rotors on front, 300mm 2 piece vented & slotted rotors on the rear]
• Triple pedals in stainless steel with master cylinders and brake bias adjuster
• Stainless steel brake lines with Braided flexible lines

• CV joint stub axles

Cooling & Fuel.
• Aluminium Radiator
• Twin Electric Fans
• Stainless Steel Cooling Tubes
• Fuel Cell
• Flush Mounted Filler Cap with Filler Neck

CCW Wheels.
• Front: 18x10 Multi-Spoke Aluminum
• Rear: 18x13 Multi-Spoke Aluminum
• Large Tires

• Digital Dash 2 Pro+ with Data Logging, 2-axis G-sensors, Infra-red Lap Timer receiver
• Headlights, Tail-lights, Indicators
• Mirrors with LED Turn Signals
• 20 circuit colour coded wiring harness
• Wiper Package

• Width: 74 inches (1880mm)
• Height: 43 inches (1092mm)
• Length: 168 inches (4267mm) - excluding rear wing
• Wheelbase: 105 inches (2667mm)
• Weight: less than 1000kg's depending on options & engine choice

Stereo/Electronics/Entertainment System - Standard System.
• Alpine IVA D106 DVD/CD/MP3 Receiver/AV Head Unit
• Alpine NVE M 300 GPS Navagation System
• Pioneer ND BC4 Backup Camera
• Pioneer TSD 1602 P [Front Speakers]
• Pioneer TSD 1602 P [Rear Speakers]
• Beltronics RX75 + Concealed Radar/Laser Detector
• Custom Rear Speaker Enclosure
• iPod/iPhone Holder

Stereo/Electronics/Entertainment System - Upgraded Premium System.
• Alpine IVA D106 Head Unit
• Alpine NVE M 300 GPS Navagation System
• Pioneer ND BC4 Backup Camera
• Alpine SPX 17 Pro with Crossovers [Front Speakers]
• Kicker Comp VT [Rear Speakers]
• Escort 9500CI Concealed Radar Detector/Laser Shifter
• Custom Rear Speaker Enclosure
• iPod/iPhone Holder

• High quality gelcoat body panels with gloss finish
• Body/Prep-Fit & Finish
• Stainless steel front and side badges
• Paint as per chosen color
• Front Nose Access
• Functional roof scoop feed cabin with aircraft style vents
• Hinged rear glass for engine access stainless steel alignment pins
• Vertical opening Mororized doors
• Waterproof weather-strip
• DOT windscreen
• Lexan for rear window, side windows & headlight covers
• 4 - 4.5 inches ground clearance with removable side skirts and front spoiler for track package
• Supplied with front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser & chassis mounted adjustable rear wing
• Top scoop and two side scoops feed the engine compartment
• Rear License plate holder

Chevrolet LS7 Small Block Engine.
• Engine type: Cam-in-block 90-degree V-8
• Block configuration: Cast-aluminum with pressed-in cylinder sleeves & 6-bolt main bearing caps
• Bore x Stroke (mm/in): 104.8x01.6/4.125x4.00
• Displacement: 7.0L/427ci
• Crankshaft: Forged steel
• Connecting Rods: Forged titanium
• Pistons: Cast aluminum
• Compression Ratio: 11.0:1
• Cylinder Heads: CNC-ported aluminum; 70cc chamber volume
• Valve size, intake (mm/in): 56/2.20 (titanium)
• Valve size, exhaust (mm/in): 41/1.61 (sodium-filled)
• Camshaft: Hydraulic roller; 15 mm (.591 in) lift (intake and exhaust)
• Rocker arms: 1.8:1; offset (intake only)
• Air intake: Composite manifold with 90mm single-bore throttle body
• Fuel: Premium required; 91-octane minimum
• Horsepower: 500 (373 kW) @ 6,200 rpm
• Torque (lb-ft): 475 (644 Nm) @ 4,800 rpm
• Engine redline (rpm): 7,000

Ricardo 6-Speed Transmission.
• Torque Capacity: + 500 ft./lbs.
• Dry Weight: 200 lbs
• Dimensions: 15.5 (H) x 18 (W) x 31 (L)
• Limited Slip Differential (LSD) unit
• Concentric clutch slave cylinder
• External oil cooler fittings
• Shift cable-mounting bracket
• Bell Housing Starter Mounting
• 1st - 2.611 Triple Synchronizer
• 2nd - 1.708 Triple Synchronizer
• 3rd - 1.233 Triple Synchronizer
• 4th - 0.943 Triple Synchronizer
• 5th - 0.767 Double Synchroniser
• 6th - 0.625 Double Synchroniser
• Reverse 3.135 Single Synchroniser
• Final Drive Ratio 3.36:1

• Complimentary Color Combinations Available
• Hand stitched Interior Panels
• Carbon Fiber Inserts [Option]
• Production Style Dash Moulding
• Cable Gear Shifter
• Digital Dash 2 Pro+
• Custom Fiberglass Seats
• Sun Visors
• AC System & Climate Controlled Heat
• Accomodates up to 6' 4" driver
• Billet Aluminium Cup Holder
• Tinted 3/4 Windows

(source: Rapier)

rapier sl c 10 07.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 01.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 03.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 05.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 02.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 04.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 09.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 08.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 10.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 11.png

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier sl c 10 12

2010 Rapier Super Lite Coupe.

rapier r emblem 2

Rapier R emblem.

Rapier   Boston, Massachusetts. USA
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