Dodge tent event "monkey" commercial

He's now invisible.
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One of many facts Dodge learned through the process of shooting their latest commercial is the chimpanzees aren't monkeys.

Their latest commercial for the Dodge Tent Event featured a young chimpanzee (Suzie) in a daredevil suit. She walks up to a detonator, pushes down the lever and triggers a less-than-huge confetti explosion.

A few complaints came in, one from PETA, and now the monkey is invisible. Spots at bottom.

Dodge posted the ad to YouTube, where it garnered thousands of hits and hundreds of comments applauding the commercial for its wit and humor. However, there were a few negative comments about animal cruelty that caught their eye. Next, Dodge received two emails, one from PETA and the other from a chimpanzee sanctuary in Washington. Both about the poor conditions of working animal "actors." They told Dodge how these animals are usually separated from their mothers at a young age, and are usually discarded at seedy roadside attractions after they get too old to act.

Dodge responds.
We were saddened to learn this, and in the spirit of Dodge, we wanted to take action. We decided to take the spot off the air, and we stopped a full-page newspaper spread from running. Dodge is firmly committed to never using great apes in our advertisements again. We released a new commercial. The footage is identical, only this time you won't see Suzie. There's a twist you won't miss. Make no mistake - we're not making light of the issue. We hope our attempt at humor keeps the discussion about animal rights alive ... and so far, it seems to be working. You're here, aren't you? And now, when people ask "Where's the monkey?" we can direct them to resources where they can learn more about animal cruelty prevention.

We are not a company that hides behind issues or brushes them under the rug. We are a company that meets issues head-on and moves forward. And we promise to keep doing everything in our power to be one of the most honest and forward-thinking companies out there.

(source: Dodge)

dodge tent event

Dodge Tent Event.


Dodge tent event "monkey" commercial.

Dodge tent event "invisible monkey" commercial.

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