Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 : 2011

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n/a 1,598 cc 4-cylinder 181.0 2011
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The MINI Cooper S joins the forces of direct injection and a twin-scroll turbocharger with the incredible power-enhancing and fuel-efficient technology known as Valvetronic, making the engine the most efficient in its displacement class. The MINI Cooper S Countryman accelerates to from 0-60 mph in 7.0 seconds.

mini cooper s countryman all4 11 01

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

The Cooper S ALL4 achieves 25 City / 31 Highway / and 27 Combined. All fuel economy numbers are for models equipped with manual transmission.

The Countryman’s Look: Design.
The MINI Countryman maintains the unique design characteristics, superior style and quality inherent to the MINI brand, while adding new larger body dimensions, greater ground clearance and four doors for those customers who need just a little more MINI. It also features short overhangs, a high window line, a powerful stance and windows extending around the entire car, together with proportions typical of the MINI brand. At the same time, the MINI Countryman subtly re-interprets the classic features of a MINI such as the roofline, the hexagonal radiator grille element, the large headlights and turn signal indicators integrated in the engine lid, the prominent wheel arches and the upright rear light clusters.

As a genuine crossover, the MINI Countryman measures 161.3 inches in length, with a wheelbase of 102.2 inches (up from 145.6 and 97.1 inches, respectively, for the MINI Hardtop), and features an interior that offers a new dimension of space and function. From first sight, the design of the MINI Countryman provides a feeling of independence, performance, robustness and versatility, all in a distinct MINI package. The clear structure of the front end gives the MINI Countryman a mature look of class and style, while managing to retain the charm and individual personality that a MINI promises.

The front end of the vehicle provides a strong presence and is engineered to optimize pedestrian safety. The extra space inside the car is emphasized by extra-large windows, a clever window design behind the C-pillar and the distinctive shape of the roofline. The particularly wide frame around the lower part of the body and the powerfully-flared wheel arches highlight the robust character of the car.

A new diagonal function line where the front side panel transitions to the front door serves to distinguish the MINI Countryman from other MINI vehicles within the range. This particular feature – another re-interpretation of the body welding seam was located on the classic Mini – also houses the side direction indicator on the MINI Countryman. Conceived and designed as a wide, robust-looking band, the diagonal function line continues the course of the A-pillar towards the front wheel. Like the C-pillar facing towards the rear axle, this special line again emphasizes the impression of a powerful body resting securely on its wheels.

The proportions and horizontal subdivision of the rear end underlines the sporty character of the MINI Countryman, ensuring that its presence is recognizable from all sides. Broadening out in steps from top to bottom, the body structure emphasizes the stable stance of the car, and the muscular shoulder line highlights its masculine character. With its integrated, aerodynamically refined airflow contour, the roof appears to almost hover above the window areas. The chrome band extending round the entire car between the windows and the body forms another horizontal line to further highlight the design of the MINI Countryman.

Like all models in the MINI range, the MINI Countryman comes with upright rear light clusters that form a distinctive contrast to the predominantly horizontal lines at the rear. Highlighted by chrome surrounds, the rear light clusters stand out three-dimensionally from the body of the car. Positioned far to the outside, the rear lights emphasize the width of the MINI Countryman and hint at the vehicle’s generous interior space.

All light functions are integrated in the rear lights, which are embedded like islands in the rear side panels. The inner structure of the light is aligned with typical MINI style, by incorporating full circles and circular sections.

For the first time the MINI logo at the rear has a specific function: Pressing the inner circle on the logo allows the MINI owner to release the tail gate, which is hinged at the top. The rear license plate recess has the same shape as the air intake located in the front bumper, linking the front and rear ends through their clear design cues.

On the MINI Cooper S Countryman the rear air dam works as a diffuser, guiding the flow of air beneath the rear of the car to optimize its aerodynamic qualities. The most powerful model in the range also stands out through its special roof spoiler, a twin-chamber exhaust system and striking openings in the rear wheel arches.

Completing the distinctive exterior appearance, the MINI Countryman is available with a choice of at least 11 body colors: five non-metallic, and six metallic. All models are available with the roof finished either in Black, White, or as an alternative, Body Color.

Living In The Countryman: Interior.
The MINI Countryman interior boasts innovative design and function elements throughout. The slightly elevated seating position guarantees comfort and optimizes the driver’s all-round view. The Central Display and air vents are highlighted by colored rings. The most unique interior feature is its innovative Center Rail system, which extends from the front to the rear replacing a conventional center console. It opens up new, individual options for integrating all kinds of storage boxes, cupholders, external audio devices, mobile telephones and other comfort features. It also offers flexible clip-in elements, enabling the driver and passengers to subdivide the storage boxes individually as required, keeping travel utensils within easy reach. At the same time, the Center Rail forms an unconventional, visual and functional connection between the front seats and the rear passenger compartment.

The MINI Countryman offers superior comfort on long distance drives with generous legroom, headroom and shoulder freedom for all occupants and two individual rear seats are fitted as standard. The rear seats move fore-and-aft 5.1 inches independently, and the backrests may be tilted for angle or folded flat, offering up to 41.3 cu ft of space in the boot... enough for two mountain bikes with their front wheels removed (24.0 cu ft for MINI Hardtop). Even with the seats in their upright position, the MINI Countryman is able to meet additional space requirements as the rear seat backrests may be moved to a more vertical cargo position increasing luggage space from 12.2–15.4 cubic feet.

And for those who need more options to carry their adventure items, a standard low-profile roof rail system gives owners the ability to add a full line of MINI accessories.

All cabin surfaces come in a new, striking, textured grain that harmonizes perfectly with the powerful look of the car. The instrument panel in the MINI Countryman is characterized by concave shapes and a sporting, functional impression. Extra-large air vents at the side stress the modern class and function of the interior. Like the center air vents, the center speedo and the gearshift lever, the side air vents are highlighted by white surrounds in a contrasting color.

A further color highlight is provided by the side surrounds on the center console appearing to actually support and hold up the dashboard. The center console itself, through its matte-black color and a chrome ring for the climate controls, is stylish and sophisticated in its looks. Apart from the control units for the air-conditioning and CD player, the toggle switches for various car functions are also housed within the center console.

Newly designed door panels underline the specific shape of the body and the extra space the MINI Countryman has to offer. The MINI brand design element of an ellipsoid frame around the door armrests and door handles is positioned in the middle of the vehicle for the first time, encompassing the B-pillars and emphasizing the length of the interior.

The MINI Countryman comes with supportive bucket seats developed specifically for this model. Sports seats are featured as standard on the MINI Cooper S Countryman (optional on the Cooper) and offer two different combinations of cloth/leather seating as well as various choices of all-leather upholstery as an option. A particular highlight is the top-of-the-line Lounge Leather upholstery that is reminiscent of classy leather seats with piping seen in classic British cars.

Ambient lighting, which is part of the standard light package, is a highlight of the MINI Countryman’s interior. Providing an indirect lighting effect, ambient lighting creates color highlights throughout the entire door panel in night mode, giving the interior a truly unique atmosphere. Using a toggle switch, the driver and passengers may change the color of the light generated from a warm orange to a sporting blue. Light rods also provide the desired color on the MINI Center Rail from one end to the other. This makes it easier to find objects attached to the Center Rail.

The optional interior color lines provide more opportunities to customize the car by creating different color effects along the door panels, on the center armrest side panels, the lower section of the B-pillar covers and the inserts on the Center Rail itself. The colors available are Carbon Black, Polar Beige, Pure Red, and Dark Tobacco, as well as powerful Surf Blue exclusive to the MINI Cooper S Countryman. Trim bars for the cockpit as well as a Chrome Package add discreet gloss to the air vents, the central instrument, the rev counter and the surrounds on the gearshift lever, and provide an even more intense touch of color and style.

MINI Center Rail: Unique Storage Concept.
Instead of a conventional center console between the seats, the MINI Countryman comes with an innovative rail system. The unique MINI Center Rail enables the driver and passengers to keep their personal belongings and odds and ends exactly where they need them.

The Center Rail extends through the entire passenger compartment all the way to the rear seat backrests. Specially developed and easy-to-use clip-in fixtures allow the driver and passengers to use the MINI Center Rail individually as required, hanging on various bins and storage units that can slide forward and backward to any desired position. As an example, the MINI Center Rail may be fitted with holders for entertainment and telecommunication devices, cupholders, as well as center armrests held safely and comfortably in position. Whenever the users place electronic devices on the Center Rail, such as a mobile phone or an MP3 player, the integrated cable system automatically connects the respective device to the car’s on-board network and ensures full and convenient integration into the MINI Countryman’s entertainment system.

The cutting-edge exclusivity of the interior is further underlined by harmonious colors and high-quality materials. The model-specific selection of seat upholstery, trim elements and color lines have also been extensively updated.

ALL4 All-Wheel Drive.
The MINI Cooper S Countryman is the first MINI to offer a permanent all-wheel-drive system known as MINI ALL4. Utilizing a direct-drive center differential, positioned directly alongside the transmission’s final drive, and a rear differential with an integrated electro-mechanical clutch, the system varies power distribution from front to rear in an infinitely-variable process.

Under normal driving conditions, up to 100 percent of the engine’s power goes to the front wheels; and under extreme conditions up to 50 percent can be shifted rearward, offering a new, high-traction rendition of the agile handling so typical of MINI. This superior traction and drivetrain technology is based on the top-end suspension of the MINI, including features such as a front axle with MacPherson spring struts and forged lower control arms, the multi-link rear axle and EPS (Electric Power Steering.)

On the Cooper S Countryman with ALL4, a specific driveline setup is used. Together with the elaborate mounting for the final drive and individual drive shafts at the rear, a vibration damper is fitted within the longitudinal propshaft. This gives the ALL4 version of the MINI Countryman the same high standard of acoustic and dynamic comfort as the front-wheel drive models.

MINI Cooper S Countryman: Four-cylinder gasoline engine with twin-scroll turbocharger, direct fuel injection and fully-variable valve management based on the BMW Group’s VALVETRONIC technology.
• Capacity: 1,598 cc
• Max output: at least 180 hp at 5,500 rpm
• Max torque: at least 177 lb-ft at 1,600 rpm (at least 192 lb-ft with Overboost).
• Acceleration 0–100 km/h: in 7.6 seconds
• Top speed: 205 km/h (128 mph)
• Average fuel consumption: TBD

Complete range of safety equipment.
Designed for optimum safety in the event of a collision, the body MINI Countryman structure has precisely defined load paths and deformation zones, ensuring passive safety of the highest caliber.

In terms of crash behavior, both the front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions of the MINI Countryman perform the same. To ensure this equality, the ALL4 car comes with an innovative propshaft made up of two elements giving way within one another in the event of a collision to absorb impact energy. The body structure of the MINI Countryman is also designed to offer maximum occupant safety in the event of a collision. High-load-resistant bearer structures, precisely defined deformation zones and an extremely stable passenger cell serve to keep impact forces away from the passengers.

Reflecting the premium standard of the brand, MINI models come with a wide range of safety equipment, including six standard airbags to enhance occupant safety. Three-point inertia-reel seat belts are fitted for all occupants, with belt latch tensioners and belt force limiters at the front, and LATCH child seat fastenings at the rear – all as standard.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is standard on all models and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) is optional. DTC also includes an EDLC (Electronic Differential Lock) function that controls wheel spin on the drive wheels during acceleration by using front brake force to manage the speed and torque differential between the wheels.

Active safety is enhanced in critical driving situations by the standard anti-lock brakes (ABS), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD), and Cornering Brake Control (CBC).

Brake Assist detects emergency operation of the brakes and builds up maximum brake pressure very quickly. Hill Assist start-off assistance, in conjunction with DSC, maintains brake pressure for up to three seconds after the brake pedal has been released and before the clutch has been engaged, to prevent the car from rolling back when setting off on an uphill gradient.

All Countryman models feature 205/50 R17 runflat tires as standard for supreme safety and performance in all situations. Available optionally are 18’’ alloy wheels with runflat tires, and 19” wheels can be ordered as a dealer-installed accessory.

For 2011, Adaptive Headlights are available for the first time on a MINI in conjunction with the optional Xenon lights. This technology allows the headlights to follow the line of upcoming corners to ensure maximum illumination of the road surface. The steering angle, yaw rate and speed of the car are all taken into account in determining the beam angle of the headlights. In addition, customers can now specify an automatic dimming function not only for the rear-view mirror but for the exterior mirrors as well.

Entertainment and Navigation system.
The new audio and navigation systems and optional integration platforms for external music players and mobile phones all offer top-class entertainment and communications capability. All three of the radio system options include an MP3-compatible CD player and AUX IN connection to hook up external music players with the on-board audio system. Even the standard-fitted MINI CD radio comes with six loudspeakers. The radio now boasts newly designed controls, and the radio’s volume control and station selector are now positioned at the same level.

The MINI Connected and MINI Connected with Navigation systems come with a 6.5-inch high-resolution display in the Center Speedo and a Bluetooth hands-free facility with USB audio interface. The maps for the navigation systems are stored on an on-board flash memory device and can be updated via a USB interface. The map display can be viewed in a day and night mode.

In conjunction with the Bluetooth mobile phone preparation with USB audio interface, which also includes a snap-in adapter in the center console with charging function and a roof aerial, both the MINI Connected and MINI Connected with Navigation system allow the use of add-on functions supported by a connected mobile device.

These include audio streaming via Bluetooth, album cover artwork display on the on-board monitor, Web Radio, and innovative office functions. For example, caller lists stored on a mobile phone and business cards from contacts can be viewed on the on-board monitor. In addition, the optional voice output function allows calendar entries recorded in a smartphone to be read out.

True You-ification and Technology, Countryman Style.
The wide range of both exterior and interior customization options expected of MINI are supplemented by new, model-specific features exclusive to the MINI Countryman. New combinations in the range of interior colors, trim strips and upholstery enable even the most discerning customer to create his – or her – very special car with truly unique character.

Supplementing the car’s standard equipment as well as the options offered by the factory, the new MINI may be further personalized through a wide range of Genuine MINI Accessories. All of these items provide a perfect match for the 2011 MINI and meet the quality and safety standards of the BMW Group.

By tradition, special roof graphics and mirror caps play an important role in customizing the MINI. The 2011 MINI offers more than 100 options for roof graphics, including the Union Jack, Checkered Flag and the letters “MINI.” Mirror caps and door handle trim with the Union Jack and Checkered Flag motifs highlight the British heritage and sporting DNA of the MINI.

And to take customization to the next level, in 2011 MINI will now offer customers the option to create their own graphics for their vehicle’s “A” panel, roof, side panel, interior and stripes.

The equally wide range of options and special equipment tailored to each model features items such as high-end audio and navigation systems, as well as mobile telephone interfaces – including the option to integrate an Apple iPhone® and other smartphones in the car. Additional options include the dual-pane Panoramic sunroof, Adaptive Headlights in combination with the optional Xenon headlight units, 17” to 18” lightweight-alloy wheels, and sports suspension (which lowers the car by 10 millimeters or almost 0.4 inches). There will also be a range of John Cooper Works Performance Components, including wheels, aero kits, interior and roof rail accessories.

A well-equipped MINI Cooper S Countryman with ALL4 will be less than $30,000.

(source: Mini)

mini cooper s countryman all4 11 02

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

mini cooper s countryman all4 11 03

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

mini cooper s countryman all4 11 04

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

mini cooper s countryman all4 11 05

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

mini cooper s countryman all4 11 07

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

mini cooper s countryman all4 11 06

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

mini cooper s countryman all4 11 09

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

mini cooper s countryman all4 11 08

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4.

mini cooper s countryman all4 in 11 05

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 interior.

mini cooper s countryman all4 in 11 07

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 interior.

mini cooper s countryman all4 in 11 06

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 interior.

mini cooper s countryman all4 in 11 03

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 interior.

mini cooper s countryman all4 in 11 02

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 interior.

mini cooper s countryman all4 in 11 04

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 interior.

mini cooper s countryman all4 in 11 01

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 interior.

mini cooper s countryman all4 emblem 11

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 emblem.


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