BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon : 2011

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$38,200 3.0-liter, inline 6 230.0 n/a
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The BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon. With a powerful inline 6-cylinder engine and BMW's xDrive, intelligent all-wheel-drive system, expect a performance to make your forget it's a wagon. Until you have cargo. That's when split-folding rear seats add the defining utility to your drive.

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon 1 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon.

Comfort & Convenience.

Panoramic Moonroof.
Dual-glass-panel Panoramic Moonroof features fully electric slide and lift control. Includes trap release, comfort opening/closing function, a wind deflector to help keep the wind out and an electric sun shade to help shield cabin from excessive heat.

Comfort Access.
Comfort Access system offers an even greater degree of convenience: keyless access to your car. Simply carrying the remote key in a pocket allows you to unlock the doors by touching the door handle. You can also turn the engine on or off by pressing the Start/Stop button* without first inserting the remote key.

*Foot must be on brake or, with manual transmission, must also depress the clutch in order to start.

BMW Ultimate Service™.
BMW Ultimate Service is included at no charge with all new BMWs for the first four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. It includes the BMW Maintenance Program, which covers all factory-recommended maintenance and items that need replacement due to normal wear and tear; a New Vehicle Limited Warranty; four-year, unlimited-mileage Roadside Assistance, and, if the vehicle is equipped, a four-year, unlimited mileage subscription to the BMW Assist™ Safety Plan.

Onboard Navigation System with Traffic Alerts.
With the route taken care of, you can concentrate on more important things - like enjoying every twist and turn along the way. Our optional onboard navigation system, controlled via iDrive, uses GPS satellites, a digital map and, where available, Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) to guide you to your destination. Choose the fastest route, the shortest route or the one that avoids traffic. Where available, traffic information is received by a separate radio tuner and then displayed on the navigation system. You don't have to listen to a specific radio station, or even have the radio on, to receive updates every few minutes. And you can see everything clearly on the large, high-resolution screen.

Vehicle & Key Memory.
Vehicle & Key Memory features can activate special convenience and safety features already programmed in your vehicle.

Vehicle Memory offers the choice of activating/deactivating Daytime Running Lights, an anti-theft motion detector and "Pathway Lighting" - headlights that stay on for 40 seconds after turning off the ignition.

With Key Memory, up to three keys can be separately programmed to individual preferences. Choose to unlock just the driver's door or both doors with the first press of the keyhead remote. It can be programmed to relock the vehicle automatically when it reaches 5 mph, return the drivers seat to the same position as the last time that key was used and return climate control to the previous setting used.


Harman Kardon Surround Sound.
It's a sound experience as remarkable as the BMW driving experience. Unlike traditional stereo systems, the optional Harman Kardon surround sound audio System uses vehicle-specific equalizing, and a powerful 420W amplifier, to deliver powerful, high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth. The result: a scintillating audio performance that pumps the highest definition soundtrack to the open road. The 11-speaker system also includes four tweeters, four mid-range speakers, two bass speakers located under the front seats and one mid-range speaker in the top of the dashboard.

HD Radio™.
Over 2,000 radio stations throughout the United States are currently broadcasting with advanced HD Radio technology. FM stations now have CD-quality sound and AM stations now have FM-quality sound. What's more, many stations multicast up to 3 different formats over the same frequency.

iPod/iPhone USB Integrated System.
When we wanted to connect an MP3 player directly to our vehicle's sound system, we went straight to the experts at Apple. Together, we created the world's first seamless integrated system of iPod and automobile. Just plug your iPod or iPhone into the adapter accessory. Control the volume and your playlists through the multifunction steering wheel, while your iPod or iPhone stays out of view with a constant flow of power. There's also a convenient, standard auxiliary input jack, which allows you to play any MP3 through the audio system.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio.
Always appreciative of unconventional thinking, we thought satellite radio was a natural fit with BMW. Add SIRIUS Satellite Radio with a one-year subscription as a standalone option. Enjoy over 130 channels of your favorite programming, 24/7, including 100% commercial-free, plus sports, news, talk and entertainment from the best names in the business.

*Requires a monthly subscription service to SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Check with your authorized BMW center for complete information and details.

Performance & Efficiency.

Double VANOS.
Double VANOS allows the engine to "steplessly" choose valve timing for both intake and exhaust camshafts. Electronically controlled in response to engine speed, load and temperature, Double VANOS maximizes engine response, efficiency and emission control. The benefit: more low- to medium-speed torque for strong acceleration and added flexibility for better highway performance, plus a quieter, smoother engine at idle.

6-speed STEPTRONIC with Paddle Shifters.
Can a vehicle be too responsive? Not if you're looking for a dynamic performance that actually adapts to the way you drive. Our 6-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission adapts to every driver differently, resulting in improved gear shifting, a more responsive performance, and reduced fuel consumption.

It operates in three modes: sport, which features higher shift points for more lively response; drive, which incorporates BMW's Adaptive Transmission Control; and manual, which allows the driver to assume control of gear selection.

In short, 6-speed automatic transmission provides faster, smoother shifting and enhanced fuel-economy. And if equipped with our Formula 1 inspired steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, you can upshift and downshift quickly without using a clutch.

xDrive, intelligent all-wheel-drive system.
Unlike other all-wheel-drive systems, we've built ours with rear wheel bias for surefooted grip on slick roads, without sacrificing the feel of rear wheel drive. It smartly sends power to the wheel or wheels with the surest footing - and it does so in milliseconds. That means under normal conditions, drive forces are spread out with a rear-wheel bias. But the moment the system senses excessive wheel slip, it subtly shifts torque to meet the changing conditions, offering maximum available traction and superior handling on all surfaces.

The motivation behind our patented Valvetronic technology was simple: to enable the engine to breathe more easily. Our engineers believed that this would allow for increased power output and optimized fuel efficiency, and they were right. It was accomplished by varying the lift height of the valves to regulate intake instead of using a traditional throttle. At lower engine loads, the valves only open a small amount, and at full power they open completely.

3.0-liter, inline 6-cylinder engine, 230 hp.
The inline six engine offers smooth power, greater acceleration and 200 lb-ft of torque at at 2750 rpms. A number of pioneering technologies make it possible. An electronically controlled water pump helps increase power output. Our patented Valvetronic system offers better fuel efficiency. And to save weight, we used a groundbreaking innovation that BMW was the first to use in a production car - an engine block made of a lightweight composite magnesium/aluminum.

Safety & Security.

Run-Flat Tires.
These self-supporting tires with integrated reinforcements allow tires that have experienced a loss of air pressure to maintain their shape and full use. In fact, you can drive on a flat for up to 150 miles at reduced speeds, so you don't have to stop in an unsafe area to change a tire or wait for roadside assistance.*

*Cars with run-flat tires do not come equipped with a spare tire. Due to low profile tires, please note that wheels, tires and suspension parts are more susceptible to road hazard and consequential damages.

BMW Assist™ with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.
Enjoy added safety, security and convenience with BMW Assist™ services.

With BMW Assist™, you have a direct connection to the BMW Assist Response Center, any time, day or night. If you're in an accident, need roadside assistance or have a customer service question, just push a button from within your vehicle to speak with a response specialist. If you're in a serious accident, crash sensors will trigger the system for you. And, if your car is stolen, you can access stolen vehicle recovery services by phone.

In addition, BMW Assist™ includes: TeleService, an exclusive BMW feature that allows your car to communicate its service needs directly to your preferred BMW Center.

Bluetooth® Hands-Free Calling, which links a compatible Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone to your vehicle for hands-free calling. You can make and answer calls, and browse and select phonebook contacts using steering wheel controls, radio keys or voice commands.

Enhanced Braking System.
We believe being able to stop quickly is even more important than being able to drive fast. That's why our enhanced braking system does more than just brake. If it's raining, it'll dry off the rotors. If you're stopped on a hill, it'll keep you from rolling. If you quickly pull your foot off the accelerator, it prepares to brake just as quickly. And, if you're braking repeatedly, it knows you need more force.

Dynamic Stability Control.
Nasty weather. Terrible road conditions. A deer crossing. When a driver loses control, there's usually more than one factor involved. Using built-in sensors to continually monitor multiple variables - such as speed, steering angle, yaw, brake pressure and traction - our Dynamic Stability Control system can detect and, more importantly, help correct the loss of wheel traction immediately. All of which helps to keep you in control, no matter what the circumstances.

Xenon Adaptive Headlights.
Our Xenon Adaptive Headlights with distinctive corona rings began as a groundbreaking idea that went on to become a major advancement in safety. Using an electromechanical system, our adaptive headlights follow the direction of the wheels. So as you begin cornering, the headlights turn into and around the bend, which allows you to see more of the road, sooner. Xenon lights, another BMW innovation, help provide clarity by emitting twice as much light as halogen light, while using half as much energy.

(source: BMW)

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon 4 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon.

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon 2 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon.

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon 3 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon.

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon light 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon headlight.

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon door handle 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon door handle.

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon gauge cluster 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon gauge cluster.

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon ipod 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon iPod.

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon rear glass 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon rear glass.

bmw 328i xdrive sports wagon xdrive emblem 11

2011 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon xDrive emblem.

bmw logo 1

BMW logo with "The Ultimate Driving Machine" tagline.

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