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For those of us who love cars, and there are plenty, there seems to be a certain imbalance within us that makes us behave in what others can only describe as fanatic.

The obvious and clear attraction is the vehicle itself, but beyond this is the way we treat them, tend to them, respond to them and even permit them to alter our lifestyle.

Some of us pay more than we should for a car, others become obsessed by a time, style or design and most of us go way out of our way to keep them spotless and in showroom condition. I even have a car "duster", something that my wife finds utterly humorous (ok, ridiculous).

I am fortunate to be able to own a few beauties (all in silver) and the enjoyment I get from these machines go way beyond the driving experience. Knowing there are safe and sound in my garage is very comforting, and while I keep that room as clean as I can, it is still a challenge keeping dust and particles of the cars.

Naturally, I keep the cars on trickle charges when not in use, I add fuel additive when stored for the winter, I try to preserve the tires as best i can, but I also keep them covered, even if I don't use them for just a few days.

I'm even a stickler over the fit of the cover, which is why I was anxious to see how the new cover I got from Empire fit over my Audi S4.

When I first opened the box, I was intrigued with how it came packaged... in its own "pull-tie" bag made of the same cover material. A nice touch. Even nice to find while I was putting it on the car that it is sewn and attached to the cover so you don't loose it. Another nice little touch.

When I took it out of the bag, I found even more goodies, like a couple of click ties and extra cord for tying it down. It even has a very convenient "front" marker printed on the cover. If you've bought as many car covers as I have, you know this is an amazing little bit of convenience. It seems inevitable that every time I put the cover on my car, its backwards. This tells you right away without having to wait to the very end and find you know have to do the turn-the-cover-around dance in your garage.

The one complaint I have is that it does not have rear-view mirror "pockets" incorporated into the cover (like another cover I have). It's not a big deal, and it fits fine, but having them is just simply better.

I was not in love with the brown color, but I also got used to that very quickly.

empire cover 03

Empire cover in bag.

empire cover 02

Empire cover in bag.

empire cover 05

Empire cover, bag, clips and rope.

empire cover 06

Empire cover "front" marker.

empire cover 07

Empire cover on Audi S4.

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