Lotus Evora S : 2012

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n/a 3.5l V6 350.0 n/a
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New Evora S with IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift) option added to the award-winning Evora line-up.
The new Lotus Evora S includes 100 changes and developments to the Evora model year 2012.

lotus evora s 12 01

2012 Lotus Evora S.

The S with IPS option features the 3.5l V6 supercharged engine delivering 350 PS and optimised IPS calibration. The paddle shift manual mode allows the driver the full and uncompromised Evora S experience with the added bonus of switching to automatic mode. This is the most versatile Evora yet.

Group Lotus Chief Executive Officer Dany Bahar said: “We’re really proud of the IPS option for the Evora S - people loved the Evora S and we had a great response to IPS, combining these two was a natural step and we’re delighted with the result.

“Nothing has been compromised in the development of this model, it’s a true Lotus through and through with a great drive experience enhanced through the integration of superior technology and typically dynamic Lotus engineering.”

Evora Range General Information.
Back in March at the Geneva Motor Show the Evora S and Evora with IPS option were unveiled.

The Evora S comes with a sport pack as standard featuring a ‘sport’ button which allows the driver to increase throttle response. The sport button also raises the instantaneous rev limit and changes the Dynamic Performance Management (Lotus DPM) settings resulting in a total experience change.

There are cross-drilled brakes for improved cooling. And here’s a heads up for those who buy into the old adage ‘you can tell the men from the boys by the size of their toys’: the external emotion of the Evora S has been improved with a completely new active exhaust which means that at the push of a button the car sounds just as dramatic as it feels.

Dany Bahar Lotus’ Chief Executive Officer summed it up by saying: “You don’t realise what you were missing from your driving experience until you get behind the wheel of the Evora S.”

Evora IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift) option.
This option gives the Evora an automatic 6-speed gearbox with Lotus developed transmission control with a 3.5 l V6 engine delivering 280 PS assuring a superior automatic driving experience.

The IPS option of the Evora allows the driver to switch between manual paddle shift and automatic drive modes. The driver also has the option of selecting ‘sport’ mode which showcases the Lotus sport driving experience allowing the driver to really feel each gear shift and be in complete control of the transmission.

Commenting on the IPS option, Dany Bahar said: “The Evora IPS broadens the appeal of the Evora and allows us to reach out to a slightly different market. We expect it to be popular with established automatic locations such as Asia, the Middle East and the US. It’s been a long time since Lotus created an automatic and we’ve spent a great deal of time refining this one to make sure that it perfectly compliments the Evora drive experience.”

“We are proud of the whole Evora range, each version does the true Lotus experience justice. With a wider selection of options, the Evora will appeal to a broader audience, even those who don’t want to use their left foot to change gear! With higher quality levels, more options available and all round improvements to the whole range, it’s a taste of what people can come to expect from the next generation of Lotus cars - performance through lightweight, style, comfort and efficiency.”

(source: Lotus)

lotus evora s 12 03

2012 Lotus Evora S.

lotus evora s 12 02

2012 Lotus Evora S.

lotus evora s wheel 12

2012 Lotus Evora S wheel.

lotus evora s in 12

2012 Lotus Evora S interior.

lotus evora s emblem 12

2012 Lotus Evora S emblem.


Lotus logo.

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