Five cars I want

Realistically speaking.
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I've been working, or thinking about working on this post for some time. Not because I can't write, but because I can't pick. First of all, limiting a list to five is nearly impossible, especially if you like cars, and mostly because of the amazing choices we have today, in every price bracket.

Sure, we all like the supercars, (I would love nothing more than a Ferrari FF or 458) and the fancy brands with limited editions and special colors, but here I show more realistic choices that almost anyone can attain.

vw golf gti 3 14

2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

One that has always been on my list has been the Volkswagen Golf GTI and with the release of this 7th generation hatchback just a few weeks ago, it just keeps getting better. I'll have to wait a bit since the 2015 US-Spec version won't go on sale here until the first quarter of 2014, despite its release in Germany on March 7th of 2013.

cadillac ctsv wagon 13.jpeg

2013 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon.

There isn't much that can be said about the Cadillac CTS V Wagon that someone somewhere hasn't already covered. It is truly one of the best all-around cars on the market today (aside from its thirst - but who cares) and one that will surely be a collectible of the future since so few are produced, and even less in the available manual transmission. We've even included it in our post about the rarity of station wagons in the US just a few days ago.

We built one to our liking online that reached a $73,200 price tag, (it starts at $64,515) but as I mentioned on that post, nothing else even comes close to this bang for the buck.

bmw m3 coupe 13

2013 BMW M3 Coupe.

The BMW M3 is practically unbeatable. Its pretty hard to find someone who doesn't like it. I myself have had two E46 M3s, the first a 2002 Coupe, and my current 2006 convertible. Those were great, but once you try the E92 M3 with its 414 HP, you simply never forget it. They are not the same car. The fact that I have had the same car twice, and want it for a third time is a reflection of how great the evolution of this vehicle is.

You'll have to work pretty hard to get one too because the MSRP is at $60,100, and after we got done building one to our preferences the price jumped to $72,428. One of my hesitations would be the new model is coming soon and I am anxious to see it, despite the fact that it will not have a V8, as well as the new upcoming M4.

chevrolet corvette stingray 1 14

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe. What a car, and this is the entry point for the C7 Vette. Can you imagine what the future variations of this car will be? But, I digress. I've wanted and test driven quite a few C6 Corvettes, with my favorite being the Grand Sport but it was the interior that stopped me in my tracks every time, and I just could not pull the trigger.

This all changed with the introduction of the C7 Coupe at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show (and the convertible at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show). It has 450 horsepower (335 kW) and 450 lb.-ft. of torque making it the most powerful standard model ever. Almost everything about it is attractive, but its the interior that makes this vehicle completely competitive.

ford fusion titanium awd 13

2013 Ford Fusion Titanium AWD.

I'll start this by saying that I think it is uncool that Ford ripped off the Aston Martin Grill. I'm not even sure how they got away with it, but we'll move on.

I had been hoping Ford would do a good looking sedan since I saw the Ford Mondeo in 2007. Six years later, we get the Fusion, which is available in 7 models. The S, SE, Hybrid SE, Titanium, Hybrid Titanium, Energi SE and Energi Titanium. Way too complicated if you ask me. The MSRP starts at $21,900 for the S and rises to $40,100 for the Energi Titanium.

I've seen this car on the roads and it has a great presence. A massive improvement from the 2007 model. Almost all of the ones spotted have been in white, and it looks great. I wish I could say that I have driven it, but I have not, so this selection is based purely on aesthetics, although review are favorable.

I've priced out the Titanium AWD, which has a 2.0 liter in-line four-cylinder EcoBoost engine producing 240 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque. As mentioned above, the MSRP for this trim level starts at $30,200 (which includes a $795 destination charge) so to that we added the following options:

• Active Park Assist $895
• Moon Roof & Garage Door Opener $995
• 19" Y-Spoked Machined Aluminum Wheels $695
• All Weather floor mats $75
• Voice Activated Navigation ¢795
• Illuminated Door Sill $191

This brought the total up to $36,041 and at the time of this build, there was a $600 incentive offered online. The only question remaining is, what other car you could get with all of the standard and optional features for this amount of money.

So to recap, the two top cars in this post are the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe for fun and the 2013 Cadillac CTS V Wagon for practicality (and a bit of fun). Both are from GM. Who would've thought That?

So these are five cars I want. I could seriously own any one of these, but mind you this is just good for today. Tomorrow, all bets are off.

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