Callaway AeroWagon : 2014

Corvette based wagon concept.
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Callaway Cars released renderings of the company’s design study for a C7 Corvette-based shooting brake concept.

callaway aerowagon 14

2014 Callaway AeroWagon concept.

Callaway plans to manufacture the body package providing an openable hatch that would result in a unique style and increased interior space, positioning the Corvette in the elite class of two door shooting brakes.

Callaway’s AeroWagon body will be manufactured in their proprietary RTM process for structural carbon parts. The KRTM (Krämer Resin Transfer Molding) process produces load carrying carbon parts in one swift molding step.

Fitted to the Callaway version of the C7 Corvette, the Callaway AeroWagon is projected to be a 200+ mph automobile while still returning the highest mileage rating in the supercar segment.

Based on market reaction, Callaway plans to produce the conversions coincident with the release of production C7 Corvettes this Fall. The AeroWagon option is projected to be under $15,000 and available through Callaway Dealers nationwide.


Q: What is a “shooting brake”?
A: This terminology began to be used in the nineteenth century, describing a vehicle that could be used to carry shooting parties, their equipment, their dogs and their game. By the early twentieth century, “shooting brake” began to be used to categorize custom-built two-door station wagons using chassis of established luxury or sports cars.

Q: Do I have to purchase a 2014 Callaway Corvette to get the AeroWagon package, or can I buy the package for my stock 2014 Corvette?
A: If the AeroWagon goes into production, it will be available as a Callaway Corvette option and as a stand-alone product for stock C7 Corvettes.

Q: Will the AeroWagon package include rear seats?
A: Unfortunately, the Corvette chassis and running gear configuration make it impossible to include seats in the cargo area.

Q: Does the AeroWagon package include a new rear fascia, with different taillights?
A: The AeroWagon package does not include a new rear fascia; however, Callaway is considering a new rear fascia as a separate project.

Q: What changes are made to the interior of the cargo area?
A: The standard AeroWagon package would have no interior changes. However, the concept includes optional upgraded carpeting, leather side panels and a teak floor option with stainless steel strips.

Q: What is the total increase in cargo area volume?
A: This hasn’t been calculated yet but, based on the projected geometry, it would be significant.

Q: Where does the AeroWagon hatch begin and end? Is the car still a targa top?
A: The car would retain its original Corvette targa top. The AeroWagon bodywork would be located in the original Corvette hatch area and would utilize the OEM latch mechanism.

Q: Will there be a four-door version of the AeroWagon?
A: No.

Q: What is the drag coefficient of the AeroWagon?
A: A slight reduction in overall drag coefficient is predicted, compared to Corvette coupe and convertible bodies.

Q: What drivetrain modifications are included with the AeroWagon Package?
A: None. The AeroWagon package would be an option for the 2014 Callaway Corvette. Specifications for the 2014 Callaway Corvette have not yet been finalized.

Q: What are the performance specs for the Callaway Corvette AeroWagon?
A: Performance specifications have not been finalized. We will release performance data as soon as possible, later this year.

Q: Will the AeroWagon be equipped with all wheel drive?
A: No. Chevrolet has not released any plans to introduce all wheel drive for the Corvette platform.

If you are interested, contact Callaway.

(source: Callaway)

callaway logo 2

Callaway logo.

Carlos's comments

Just a day ago we posted an article about how rare wagons are in the US, and then did a post on 5 cars we like, which included the new C7 and now we see this from Callaway, which combines both. Interesting.

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