Highway Aircraft Corporation

Sidney, Nebraska. USA
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The Highway Aircraft Corporation of Sidney Nebraska had a vision for America's "revolutionary automobile" in the form of the Fascination.

highway aircraft corp logo

Highway Aircraft Corporation's Fascination logo.

According to the company, it had a new type of thermonuclear energy operating the Nobel Plasma engine, which was a closed two cycle reciprocating engine that has no intake, uses no air and emitts no exhaust at all.

A hermetic gas chamber is created by the telescopic fitting of two cylindrical units each open at one end, fitting one over the other to permit extension end retraction of the unit under the cycling pulses of a varying gas pressure confined within the chamber. The fuel was self contained and hermetically sealed in the cylinders which were initially charged at the time of manufacturing, carrying their own supply that would last approximately 60 to 75 thousand miles with no fall of efficiency. The cylinders could be recharged quickly and simply for about $25 to $30 per cylinder, depending on the size of the engine.

The body pattern was made of mahogany and planned to mold 10,000 cars per year on their carousel assembly employing 40 men each and allowing them to output 10 cars per 8-hour shift.

Their plan was to have 200 Master Dealerships and 4,000 standard dealerships established in the United States giving them a population area per dealer of 50,000. The first 50 dealers would get two cars a week, and the next 50 to get one car per week.

The dealer discount was 18 percent off list and the first demonstrator car cost $25,000. The first 400 cars retailed for $7,200.

The car was examined and tested by O.A. Laboratories in Indianapolis, Indiana.

(source: Highway Aircraft Corporation)

highway aircraft corp fascination 3 76

1976 Highway Aircraft Corporation Fascination. (source: Alden)

highway aircraft corp fascination 1 76

1976 Highway Aircraft Corporation Fascination. (source: Alden)

highway aircraft corp fascination 2 76

1976 Highway Aircraft Corporation Fascination. (source: Alden)

Highway Aircraft Corporation Fascination : 1976   
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