Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 : 2013

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MSRP Engine HP Manufactured
$112,595 supercharged V8 638.0 n/a
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A luxury sports car carved of power, performance and prestige, the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 boasts a handcrafted LS9 638-horsepower supercharged V8 with titanium connecting rods and intake valves and a test track top speed of 205 mph.

chevrolet corvette zr1 13 06

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

Experience 0-60 mph in only 3.4 seconds and 1.05g skid pad, or over 1.13g with available ZR1 High Performance Package (PDE), while nestled in a refined and luxurious interior. All while maintaining a fuel efficiency of 21 MPG highway.

ZR1 is the fastest, most powerful car Chevrolet has ever produced, and rivals the world’s best luxury sports vehicles both on and off the track, and was the overall winner of the 2010 Car and Driver Lightning Lap competition, which pitted the ZR1 against the fastest cars in the world. And because it’s Corvette, it’s the only truly American sports car in the competitive class.

ZR1 is powered by a 6.2-liter LS9 aluminum block V8 equipped with a 4-lobe Eaton® Twin Vortices Series™ supercharger with intercooler, and is handcrafted by our own skilled craftsmen at the GM Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan†. It delivers an SAE-certified 638 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 604 lb.-ft. of torque at 3800 rpm. The engine employs lightweight titanium intake valves and connecting rods and contains a high-performance dry-sump oil system, which distributes pressurized oil from an external reservoir to protect vital components under high-g driving conditions.

Lightweight materials.
ZR1 engineers were passionate about maintaining a favorable power-to-weight ratio. So they specified high-strength, lightweight materials wherever possible including magnesium and carbon fiber. One example is the aluminum frame structure (the same one used on the C6.R race car), which weighs 138 lbs. less than an equivalent steel structure. Result: a power-to-weight ratio of 5.2 lbs. per horsepower.

A tire for performance enthusiasts.
The Michelin® Pilot® Sport Cup summer-only tires† deliver powerful performance cornering, race-like reflexes, and consistent performance lap after lap. It’s everything Michelin has learned through its extensive Motorsports experience combined in one tire to achieve 1.13g skid pad and 8% more grip than standard PS2 tires, which amounts to 3 seconds saved per lap at Virginia International Raceway. Available with the PDE Package.

Brembo® Carbon Ceramic stopping power.
The ZR1 offers massive stopping power, thanks to its Brembo® Carbon Ceramic Brake rotors that weigh almost 50% less than equivalent cast-iron units. Besides reducing overall mass, they are capable of operating at 1,000° Celsius (as hot as molten lava) without warping. The system employs 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers engaging vented, cross-drilled rotors.

Dial up your suspension.
The standard Magnetic Selective Ride Control™ stiffens suspension capability for twisty roads while providing a more compliant ride for city driving and freeways. Here’s how it works. An electromagnetic coil resides inside each damper piston. When an electrical current is applied — variably controlled by a microprocessor — ferrous particles in the shock fluid instantly bond, making the fluid more flow resistant, effectively stiffening the shock’s damping. Conversely, when the electromagnetic field is reduced, the fluid flows more freely, allowing easier suspension movement. There are two cockpit settings: Tour and Sport.

The ZR1 6.2-liter LS9 supercharger is a thing of pure engineering beauty. That’s why we like to show it off. The Carbon Fiber hood includes a window above the supercharger allowing for easy viewing and a powerful incorporation into the exterior design. Combined with its visible Carbon Fiber elements such as the roof, roof bow, splitter and rockers, the aggressive and chiseled style of ZR1 reflects its roots in racing.

Rounded fenders and a lean, grounded body frame are classic Corvette design elements that have been the foundation of its exterior design for 60 years. It’s what makes a Corvette unmistakable and irresistible. Honor the Corvette heritage with the 60th Anniversary appearance package, which boasts an Arctic White exterior and a Blue Diamond leather-wrapped interior with sueded-microfiber accents.

Individuality is a trademark of both Corvette and Corvette owners. And now more than ever, owners can personalize their 2013 Corvette ZR1 by selecting the brake caliper color of their choice—available in Dark Gray Metallic, Red, Silver, Yellow or standard Blue. Owners also have the option to select headlamp colors, available in grey, silver or black.

This along with extensive dealer-installed Genuine Corvette Accessories, your Corvette can truly be yours.

ZR1 provides a premium driving environment with such options of rich leather appointments on the instrument panel upper, door panel uppers, console cover and sport seat surfaces with the available Custom Leather-Wrapped Interior Package on the 3ZR trim level. This option also gives you the opportunity to personalize your ZR1 with available contrasting stitching in Red, Yellow and Blue.

Excellence is found in details.
The Corvette ZR1 interior has been refined for driving support and comfort. The new seat design includes large bolsters on the seatback and cushion areas for support, especially in high-performance driving but extremely enjoyable in day-to-day driving. Optional microfiber seat inserts complement the new design even further, as does the revised steering wheel featuring model-specific badging, streamlined switch trim, wrapped spokes, better hand placement and thumb grips.

Technology for your comfort and convenience.
Corvette is born of modern technology options such as Magnetic Selective Ride Control™ and Brembo® Carbon Ceramic Brakes, but Corvette also includes modern technology features that keep you connected to your life. For even more convenience, the Technology Package included on 3ZR brings together many of the most popular infotainment features such as navigation radio†, Head-Up Display, Bose® premium audio system, SiriusXM Satellite Radio services for one year, Bluetooth® wireless technology for select phones and a USB port

Performance Traction Management.
Fully integrating the Magnetic Selective Ride Control™, Traction Control and Active Handling systems, Performance Traction Management (PTM) enhances race-track performance and consistency. PTM manages the vehicle’s acceleration based on conditions and the driver’s selection, and offers five different modes to optimize performance based on driving styles and conditions.

Head-Up Display.
Keep important reading within sight with your eyes focused safely on the road ahead of you while driving with the standard Head-Up Display, including g-force meter. Utilizing proven technology, the display appears on the front windshield as if hovering above the front bumper to make it easier to read while driving. For various driving styles, the display includes two modes — track and street, which also includes helpful Turn-by-Turn Navigation through the navigation system.

The Power of Bose®.
For 2013, Corvette will offer a new Bose® premium audio system which includes nine speakers for improved audio quality that is more precisely tuned to the cabin’s acoustics. Tweeters located in the instrument panel and improved Bose Nd next-generation bass performance round out this truly premium audio experience.

Bluetooth® wireless technology.
Stay connected to your life while keeping your eyes on the road ahead of you. Take calls with just a touch of a button. That’s if you decide to, you may not because you’re so wrapped up in your ZR1. Bluetooth wireless technology comes standard in 3ZR.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio.
Enjoy commercial-free music channels along with compelling talk, news, comedy, family programming and much more from coast to coast. Three-month subscription standard. One year of service included on 3ZR.

Protection is great, prevention is better.
Our philosophy on safety emphasizes prevention with important features such as Active Handling, run-flat tires and four-wheel antilock brakes, but in the event of a collision Corvette is engineered for safety before, during and — thanks to OnStar® — after, to help keep you protected.

Fuel-Saving Technologies.
Low-mass materials, such as an aluminum cockpit structure, lightweight composite body panels, balsa wood floor panel and an aluminum engine block and cylinder head, reduce engine workload and contribute to better fuel economy.

A six-speed transmission allows the engine to operate at a lower rate of speed as compared to transmissions with fewer gears, which results in better fuel economy. Transmissions employ shift management technologies when maximum engine power is not required. When these technologies engage, engine workload is reduced, which contributes to better fuel economy. Manual transmission has skip shift technology (1st to 4th). Automatic transmission has 2nd gear start.

The engine has been factory-filled with engine oil meeting GM's new dexos™ specification, which has improved viscosity characteristics as compared to the previous GF-4 oil, contributing to better fuel economy.

(source: Chevrolet)

chevrolet corvette zr1 13 03

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

chevrolet corvette zr1 13 07

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

chevrolet corvette zr1 13 04

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

chevrolet corvette zr1 13 02

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

chevrolet corvette zr1 13 01

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

chevrolet corvette zr1 13 05

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

chevrolet corvette zr1 wheel1 13

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 wheel.

chevrolet corvette zr1 wheel2 13

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 wheel.

chevrolet corvette zr1 in 13 01

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 gauge cluster.

chevrolet corvette zr1 in 13 04

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 interior.

chevrolet corvette zr1 in 13 03

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 interior.

chevrolet corvette zr1 in 13 02

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 interior.

corvette c6 logo

Chevrolet Corvette C6 logo.

chevrolet logo 2010

Chevrolet "bowtie" logo (revised in 2010).

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