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Cleveland, Ohio USA
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Baker Motor Vehicle Company was a manufacturer of Brass Era electric automobiles in Cleveland, Ohio from 1899 to 1914. The Baker factory was located on Euclid Avenue.

baker electric logo 1

Baker Electric logo.

The first Baker vehicle was a two seater with a selling price of US$ 850. One was sold to Thomas Edison as his first car.

The model range was expanded in 1904 to two vehicles, both two-seaters with armored wood-frames, centrally-located electric motors, and 12-cell batteries. The Runabout had 0.75 hp (0.6 kW) and weighed 650 lb (295 kg). The Stanhope cost US$1600, weighed 950 lb (431 kg), had 1.75 hp (1.3 kW) and three-speed transmission. It was capable of 14 mph (23 km/h).

In 1906 Baker made 800 cars, making them the largest electric vehicle maker in the world at the time.

By 1907, Baker had seventeen models, the smallest being the Stanhope and the largest the the Inside Drive Coupe. There was also the US$4000 Extension Front Brougham with the driving seat high up behind the passengers mimicking a Hansom cab. Baker also introduced a range of trucks with capacity of up to 5 tons.

In 1913 Baker was overtaken in sales by Detroit Electric and in 1914 merged with fellow Cleveland automaker Rauch and Lang to become Baker, Rauch & Lang. The last Baker cars were made in 1916, but electric industrial trucks continued for a few more years. Baker, Rauch & Lang went on to make the Owen Magnetic under contract.

Founder Walter C. Baker's Torpedo land speed record racer was the first car to have seat belts. The car was capable of over 75 miles per hour.

Walter Baker joined the board of Peerless in 1919.

(text source: Wikipedia)

baker logo

Baker Electrics logo.

baker electric torpedo racecar 02.jpeg

The Baker electric Torpedo racecar. Mr. Baker helped into position by Henry Ford and Thosmas A. Edison for the race at Staten Island. May 30, 1902, before the tragic accident. (source: National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library.)

baker emblem 1 s

Baker emblem.

baker b emblem s

Baker "B" emblem.

baker car 10.jpeg

1910 Baker electric car. (source: National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library)

baker runabout s 1 03

1903 Baker Runabout.

baker runabout s 2 03

1903 Baker Runabout.

baker runabout s 3 03

1903 Baker Runabout.

baker runabout s 4 03

1903 Baker Runabout.

baker electris coupe ad 15

1915 Baker Electric Coupe ad. (source: AutoHistorian )

baker ad 15

1915 Baker Electrics ad.

baker electric stanhope ad 06

1906 Baker Electrics Stanhope ad.

Baker Electrics ads   
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